Dental hospital on wheels to revisit schools

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Oct 28 2011

Region estimates roughly half of Niagara children go but correct caring each year


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ST. CATHARINES — By a informal health department’s estimate, scarcely half of a children in Niagara go but correct dental caring each year.

Most of a time, issues of affordability and accessibility are problems for parents, says informal dental hygienist Carol Chipman. Which is because she is so vehement about a health department’s new mobile dental clinic.

“We’re stealing a barriers. For some parents, carrying to take a day off to go to a hospital in Welland is not feasible,” Chipman said. “By holding a hospital to them, by going out to Wainfleet or to Smithville, we are stealing a barriers.”

The $200,000 mobile clinic, paid for wholly by a provincial Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care’s healthy smiles program, is designed to yield dental caring for children from

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