Secret of Kate’s grin revealed?

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Nov 27 2011

KATE Middleton’s gorgeous grin is pleasantness of a pioneering French dentist who
specialises in creation teeth demeanour NOT-too-perfect, it has been claimed.

Maverick Didier Fillion uses a complement of “micro-rotations” and gentle
whitening to make gnashers demeanour spectacular.

And currently his crony and associate dentist, Bernard Touati has claimed that the
Duchess Of Cambridge has used his services.

In an talk in The Times Touati discussed a royal’s teeth, saying: “You
know because they demeanour good? Because they are not positively aligned.

“The problem in a United States is they have a really synthetic vision
symmetrical, same colour, monochromatic. That’s because their teeth look

“He [Fillion] did some small micro-rotations on Kate Middleton [to produce]
something that is natural. That is what we like: a natural, healthy smile,
but not artificial.”

Micro-rotation involves wise invisible braces to a behind of teeth to twist
them really somewhat until a preferred demeanour is achieved.

David Winkler,

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