Discount dental tourism: a good understanding – or a dangerous risk?

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Dec 10 2011

A+ Family Dentistry | Roger Tran

Dental tourism might seem both outlandish and inexpensive — though in some cases, it can also be dangerous and catch dark costs for visual dental work.

By Roger Tran, DDS

With winter entirely on us, many Americans – and even some San Diegans — might find themselves daydreaming about a probability of a pleasant vacation. And in light of a still-troubled economy, a enticement to mix business with pleasure in a form of ignored dental tourism has already lured an augmenting series of dental patients out of a nation to Mexico, Thailand, India and over in a hopes of both cheaper procedures and an sparkling transport opportunity. Even a Los Angeles Times has touted dental tourism as a prohibited transport trend on a rise; and yet, as an gifted San Diego dentist, we have seen first-hand

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