National guardsman earnings from third fight tour, his hardest

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Dec 04 2011

During his latest fight tour, Sgt. Tom Morris cracked a

It happened nearby a Pakistan border, during a two-hour
firefight with a Taliban or whoever it was that started banishment on
the American’s convoy.

Morris, 50, of Bristol Township, was assisting to strengthen and
rescue 3 group pinned down in their armored vehicle, that had
been blown up.

During a fighting, his appurtenance gun struck his mouth — hard.

“It was flattering unpleasant though we was lucky,” pronounced Morris, who serves
as a gunner with a Pennsylvania National Guard.

After 3 fight tours, dual in Iraq and his latest in
Afghanistan, Morris knows something about luck.

Speaking only hours after his lapse from Afghanistan on
Saturday, Morris fast forked out his unit’s 3 deaths and 25
purple hearts.

And he says a fact that he has finished 3 tours doesn’t make
him “special during all.”

“I’m only a baby compared to some,” he said. “There are

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