Jones gets defensive in Indiana feat (video)

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Jan 06 2012

BLOOMINGTON – Verdell Jones as defensive stopper.

Could that be right?

Wasn’t Jones once a defensive liability? Somebody who, during a easily listed 162 pounds, treated invulnerability with a unrestrained of a base canal?

That was a opposite person, a younger chronicle of a Indiana comparison who, on Thursday night, got a defensive assignment of Michigan indicate ensure Trey Burke.

To stress — Jones’ pursuit was to ensure one of a Big Ten’s best indicate guards in an early conflict of discussion heavyweights.

“In a past,” manager Tom Crean said, “we wouldn’t have finished that.”

Even as a freshman, Burke runs a No. 16 Wolverines’ attack. Stop him and we substitute Michigan.

Jones delivered. Burke wasn’t his widespread self (10 points, 8 assists, 4 turnovers) and Jones, notwithstanding a slow hip injury, was a vital reason.

In a issue of a No. 12 Hoosiers’ 73-71 feat Thursday night, Crean voiced appreciation.

“Verdell is not a same actor he was

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