Nets’ Brook Lopez says X-ray confirms right feet is recovering as expected

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Jan 08 2012

New Jersey Nets vs. Miami Heat during Prudential CenterJanuary 7, 2012

At 6:33 tonight, Brook Lopez, a crutch underneath any arm and a large gray orthopedic feet covering his size-20 right foot, hobbled from a players’ opening during a Prudential Center and into a Nets‘ locker room.

The core fractured a fifth metatarsal bone in a feet during a Nets’ second preseason game, Dec. 21 opposite a Knicks. Two days after he had medicine to insert a screw into a feet to assistance a bone reanimate some-more quickly.

“It’s been tough for me. we don’t unequivocally suffer examination games or conference about a NBA,” Lopez said. “I feel kind of left out.”

Nets group physicians indicated liberation would take between 6 and 8 weeks.

Lopez pronounced an X-ray tonight reliable that a feet is recovering as expected.

“I’m really assured this is going

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