Extracting teeth can be a necessity

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Mar 18 2012


Pet Docs
Dr. Perry Jameson and Dr. Henri Bianucci

Q we have a 9-year-old tiny poodle who has grown serious dental problems. He gets improved on antibiotics, though off of them he becomes increasingly reduction peaceful to eat and seems generally miserable. My veterinarian recommends that a teeth be removed, though is worried doing so since so many are involved. He also mentioned base canals as an option. Is that necessary? Does he need these teeth? What do we recommend?

A: We mostly fun about dog-breath, though when a source of it is dental disease, it unequivocally is no shouting matter.

It used to seem inconceivable to me (Dr. Henri Bianucci) that anyone would brush their dogs’ teeth on a unchanging basis, though in my practice, we confront pet owners who do use daily maintenance. They will tell we that it takes usually a

Article source: http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2012/mar/18/extracting-teeth-can-be-a-necessity/

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