Fennelly: No apologies indispensable from Bulls for NCAA spot

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Mar 15 2012

They don’t need to apologize to anyone.

Shortly after 9 tonight, they’ll have a theatre to themselves, unless we count their opponent, California, or consternation if Dayton, Ohio, is unequivocally a stage. Well, a President of a United States thinks so. The Big O attended a First Four on Tuesday night. He brought along a British primary apportion only to uncover there’s no tough feelings from us violence them in a Yorktown informal final in 1781.

Of course, a boss is clearing out after that. we mean, who wants to watch South Florida basketball? Actually, the hoops-mad president, for a few hours on his website, even referred to USF as “University of San Francisco” in his brackets. Mitt Romney pounced immediately, observant Mr. Obama’s miss of honour for South Florida shows he is soothing on defense.

South Florida is removing no honour for the decidedly counsel ways, all

Article source: http://www2.tbo.com/news/opinion/2012/mar/13/2/no-apologies-needed-from-bulls-ar-368874/

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