Hometown Hero: DPD Military Assistance

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Mar 20 2012

DALLAS – Clarice Tinsley’s Hometown Heroes this week are a volunteers in a Dallas Police Department who have been convention caring packages for servicemen and women.

Since Sept. 11 about 250 DPD officers have been deployed to offer in a United States military. Many of them have served mixed deployments.

Debbie Branton wanted to help. She’s a late sergeant and she started a DPD Military Assistance Program.

Six times any year around vital holidays, a module sends caring packages to those officers who are portion overseas. The boxes reason beef jerky, popcorn, Chap Stick, toothpaste, tooth brushes, tough candy, contented messages and more.

Typically a recipients are in remote locations and a PX or troops sell isn’t tighten by.

About 3,000 caring packages have already been sent and they’re a outrageous hit. Officer Tyler Prothro was in Afghanistan after being with DPD for usually 10 weeks. He pronounced a caring packages done him feel like

Article source: http://www.myfoxdfw.com/dpp/news/fox_4_features/hometown_heroes/hometown-hero:-dpd-military-assistance-program-031912

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