Land of Smiles Program teaches Monmouth students how to keep teeth healthy

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Mar 31 2012

MONMOUTH — Monmouth kindergarten by third-grade students will brush adult on their dental health habits as they watch a drastic Tooth Wizard and his arch-enemy PlaqueMan conflict for a health of kids’ teeth. This costumed favourite and knave twin are characters in a “Land of Smiles,” that is a module put on by a Delta Dental of Illinois Foundation.

This skit is a interactive partial of a program, that not usually keeps a children entertained though also encourages them a correct approach to brush by permitting them to physically brush divided a board left behind by PlaqueMan with an oversized toothbrush. While PlaqueMan tries to confuse a kids from enchanting in healthy dental habits, Tooth Wizard defeats him and demonstrates a many effective ways for a children to brush, floss and discusses good and bad dishes for teeth. Tooth Wizard finishes a skit by propelling his assembly to revisit his “best

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