'Silent epidemic' of dental illness threatens bad kids' health

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Mar 06 2012

Every time Dr. Martee Engel treats a immature studious whose teeth have brownish-red or white bleached spots, she’s reminded of an strident problem inspiring children – quite bad children.

Engel sees some-more than her share of early childhood tooth spoil as dental executive during Denver Harbor Clinic in northeast Houston. The hospital treats mostly bad children who are twice as expected as some-more abundant children to have untreated tooth decay, studies show.

While altogether verbal health caring for adults and children has improved, tooth spoil continues to be a many common ongoing illness among children. It can have critical amicable and health consequences when untreated and, in singular cases, can be fatal.

“The children with a top need are a poor,” pronounced Engel, a pediatric dentist for 20 years. “Their tooth spoil occurs some-more fast and is some-more pervasive.”

A surgeon ubiquitous news in 2000 called a problem a “silent epidemic.” It estimated

Article source: http://www.chron.com/news/houston-texas/article/Silent-epidemic-of-dental-disease-threatens-3380042.php

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