Good Samaritan Helps Police Catch Armed Robber

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Jun 15 2012

A male headed to a dentist for a base waterway ends adult holding a large punch out of crime by assisting officers locate an armed robber.

Even with a assistance of oxygen, 31 year aged John Ramirez Jr. of Fresno couldn’t locate his exhale after he was held behind a circle of a stolen truck.

Ramirez was tackled and arrested by officers with a assistance of Fresno proprietor Jeff Walsh.

Jeff Walsh says, “I jumped on this gentleman’s behind to assistance curb him since he was really assertive and would not listen to a commands of a officers. So we helped put his hands behind and fetter him.”

Police were grateful.

They had been looking for Ramirez, after officers contend he attacked a California Department of Pesticide Regulation bureau early Thursday morning.

But officers contend when he went behind a second time around 7:30 this morning.

He was dismayed when a lady who worked circuitously walked in

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