Repairs underway to Yakima irrigation canal

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Jul 21 2012

CITY OF YAKIMA NEWS RELEASE — Last Friday, a waterway owned by New Schanno Canal Company was close down given it was not issuing correctly, inspiring approximately 1,400 City of Yakima irrigation customers.

Crews found a base round that was preventing a upsurge of H2O by a canal.  While repairs are underway, crews do not expect that a problem will be resolved until a center of subsequent week. 

The City of Yakima Water/Irrigation Division has boarded off an area of a waterway in sequence to yield some H2O to customers.  While not during full pressure, all business on a Lenox 9th Avenue systems should have H2O in singular quantities.  The Water/Irrigation Division will continue to guard a area over a weekend.

Customers who have used domestic H2O to direct given final Friday should see a financial credit to equivalent a disproportion between irrigation and domestic H2O rates until full

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