How to strengthen your grin during a summer

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Aug 16 2012

Summertime means removing outward and enjoying yourself. But some outside activities, like skateboarding, basketball and lacrosse, can poise dental dangers.

Dr. Gerald Curatola, a dentist during Rejuvenation Dentistry in New York City, pronounced that some-more than a entertain million people hit out one of their teeth any summer.

“They will wear wrist guards when they’re skateboarding, though they never consider about their mouths and their teeth and their smile,” Curatola told

People looking to strengthen their pearly whites can wear mouthguards designed to keep teeth intact.

“For a ball diversion we have a light-weight mouthguard,” Curatola explained.  “For basketball and karate, we’ll have a heavier weight, and afterwards for kickboxing and other complicated activities we’ll indeed have a complicated weight mouthguard.”

Sweating in a summer object can empty your physique of essential minerals – that indeed takes a fee on your teeth.

“Dehydration (and) miss of electrolytes means tissues in a mouth to turn dry

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