Root-canal Republicanism? Christie’s ‘pain’ prescription

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Aug 31 2012

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie‘s Tuesday night keynote speech urged Republicans to rouse honour over adore and praised Mitt Romney for being means to broach “hard truths” about scaling behind government.

Christie continued in a identical capillary this morning when vocalization to Florida’s Republican gathering delegation.

“We need to be a folks who are revelation a law to a open about a abyss of these problems and a pain that will have to be endured in a short-term to repair them,” Christie said.

“We can’t any longer only alarm a happy balance to folks, any of us in open life, since a open is a heck of a lot smarter than many politicians give them credit for.”

After all a tough talk, however, Christie told a Florida representatives that Romney must uncover his “heart” in his acceptance debate tonight.


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