Coconut Oil May Inhibit Bacteria Growth, Preventing Tooth Decay

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Sep 04 2012

Lawrence LeBlond for – Your Universe Online

Dentists have prolonged speedy a use of fluoride to forestall cavities and tooth decay. But several studies have also found that other things, such as lollipops, raisins, licorice root and gum, might also assistance in a quarrel opposite tooth decay. And now, a new investigate is suggesting that coconut oil could also fight tooth spoil and could be used in a accumulation of dental caring products.

Scientists from a Athlone Institute of Technology in Ireland found that coconut oil that had been treated with enzymes stopped a expansion of Streptococcus bacteria–a vital means of tooth decay. Presenting their commentary during a Society for General Microbiology‘s Autumn Conference during a University of Warwick, a researchers pronounced coconut oil is a healthy antibiotic that could simply be incorporated into blurb dental care

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