Health-care spending accounts offer coherence for a self employed: experts

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Sep 13 2012

By Alexandra Posadzki, The Canadian Press

TORONTO – Many Canadians are drawn to a leisure and coherence offering by self-employment, though balance a check for supplemental health caring — such as prescriptions, eyeglasses and trips to a dentist — can get pricey when we don’t have association benefits.

Several months after graduating from a University of Toronto, Matthew Filipowich got slammed with a $1,500 check for a base canal.

Filipowich, 23, was operative as a freelance photographer during a time and had no supplemental health coverage.

“It was tough since here we am a student, graduating, starting my possess business, and afterwards all of a remarkable I’ve got to dump roughly $2,000 on a base canal,” he said.

“It was really overwhelming. we kept thinking, what if it was worse? What if there are complications and we have to go back? Then what, I’m stranded with a hole in my tooth?”

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