MTI's 'We Care' Dental Project helps internal kids

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Oct 23 2012

MTI’s ‘We Care’ Dental Project helps internal kids

MANATEE — The “We Care” Dental Project for children is set for Oct. 24 and Nov. 9 when dental partner students during Manatee Technical Institute will yield services such as tooth polishing, fluoride treatments and verbal health screenings for schoolchildren who have reduction entrance to unchanging dental care.

Dentists from a village will be supervising a students, pronounced MTI mouthpiece Maura Howl. There are still openings for dentists who wish to proffer for a events.

The plan won’t yield teeth cleanings or other dental work, pronounced Howl.

Dental assistants are a dentist’s right-hand person, she said. The “We Care” Dental Project gives students an eventuality to work on tangible patients and also provides services for children who aren’t removing dental care.

Manatee district propagandize nurses will be identifying authorised propagandize children for a event.

Dentists who

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