Dear Abby: Dental propagandize would acquire tooth fairy's value trove

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Dec 24 2012

– Doug from Solon, Iowa

DEAR DOUG: Your idea to hit a dental propagandize and ask if they would be meddlesome in regulating a baby teeth as training aids is sensible. Other readers offering some ideas:

DEAR ABBY: The strange logic behind a tooth underneath a sham tradition was to keep witches from removing ahold of them and casting a spell on a child. The normal showing of those teeth was true into a fire!

– Ladawn in Wisconsin

DEAR ABBY: I had a neighbor with 5 children. She also kept their baby teeth and was desirous to use them to make a benefaction for her father. At a time, we were into casting things in plastic, so she bought a mold for a toilet chair and embedded all a teeth orderly into it.

Her father refused to use it since he pronounced it would be like sitting in a shark’s mouth.

– Carole in Gilford,

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