Dental School Would Welcome Tooth Fairy's Treasure Trove

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Dec 13 2012

DEAR ABBY: we contingency respond to “Always His Mom” (Sept. 26), who asked what to do with her grown son’s baby teeth. She can hit a college of dentistry tighten to her and ask if a propagandize would like to have a baby teeth a Tooth Fairy collected.

When we was in dental school, we used deciduous teeth (baby teeth) to investigate a dental anatomy of children. It’s singular to have a finish set from one person, that would make these a good training assist for students. When we was in school, a deciduous teeth were scarcely well-spoken since of a series of students who had rubbed them, creation them really formidable to identify. — DOUG FROM SOLON, IOWA

DEAR DOUG: Your idea to hit a dental propagandize and ask if they would be meddlesome in regulating a baby teeth as training aids is sensible.

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