Ashburton's "tooth defender''

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Jan 06 2013

“DEFENDER of a tooth” is a pretension dentist Niki Hantzis’s colleagues would like to give her.

Their thoughts have been echoed by Dental Health Services Victoria that awarded her a 2012 Public Oral Health Care Award.

Dr Hantzis pronounced she was still pinching herself.

“Personally, it’s utterly strenuous since we consider that we arrange of chug along and no one unequivocally notices,” she said.

Dr Hantzis especially works in children’s verbal health as a manager of a dental hospital during Inner East Community Health in Ashburton.

Her work has reached opposite oceans providing dental caring to refugees from Kosovo and East Timor.

“Getting them to trust me was tough though they eventually desired saying me,” she said.

Inner East Community Health arch executive Harry Majewski said Dr Hantzis was “a bit of a star” as good as a writer and he suspicion a endowment could not have left to a improved person.

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