Dental implants: A scarcely ideal deputy for healthy teeth

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Jan 16 2013

In 1952, a Swedish orthopedic surgeon and researcher named Per-Ingvar Branemark was conducting investigate exploring a recovering routine of bone. As a partial of this research, he placed titanium cylinders into a skeleton of rabbits. The use of titanium was totally serendipitous, though was unfailing to change a universe of medicine and dentistry. Branemark detected when attempting to mislay a cylinders that they could not be removed. Further scrutiny suggested that a bone had trustworthy itself to a titanium. Branemark coined a tenure osseointegration to report this communication between titanium and bone.

This extraordinary physiological phenomenon, that is singular to titanium, was shortly employed to fashion replacements for a roots of blank teeth and a complicated dental make was born. Although this has been a insubordinate enrichment for complicated dentistry, it is in fact distant from a new concept.

The initial attempts to implement what we now call dental implants were discovered

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