Does check comparing Congress to STDs go too far?

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Jan 09 2013

A left-leaning pollster is creation headlines by comparing Congress to sexually transmitted diseases, base canals, and Brussels sprouts in a latest survey.

sproutsThe organisation Public Policy Polling also done headlines in a 2012 choosing when it came in as a eighth-most accurate pollster, among 28 polling firms, when a presidential election was staid between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

But in a new check about a recognition of Congress, PPP tries to possibly make fun of, or chide, a 112th Congress by comparing it with practice or things that people might find unpleasant.

In fact, a PPP lumped together 26 experiences, trimming from intimately transmitted diseases to trade jams, and asked some-more than 800 people to contend if they elite them over their stream knowledge with Congress. (The check was taken

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