Silly costumes, critical dentistry during a Prosthodontics Olympics

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Feb 19 2013

Outfits we don’t design to see during a dentist’s office: army fatigues, hip waders, princess dresses, Girl Guide uniforms, highbrow impersonators.

Clearly, a Prosthodontics Olympics was not a common day during a clinic.

Held on Jan 28, a annual eventuality gives Dentistry students a event to use their skills in prosthodontics (dental prosthetics) and rivet in a small accessible competition. And when it comes to group identity, a students go all out.

This year’s competitors included: The Navy Sealants, who sported select army fatigues finish with face paint, Mount Olympus, laurels and all; a Loney Tunes, a play on Dr. Loney, a master of ceremonies; a “Profs”thodontis, a curious-looking physique doubles of Dal Dentistry professors; Caries-Land, a sweetened honeyed group certain to make any dentist everywhere tremble finish with their possess candy crowns; a Swamp Doctors, dressed in full hip waders; and final though not slightest a Girl Guide Planes, finish with “cookie”

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