STIREWALT: No charge for Obama on spending- White House outlines cuts that might be coming

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Feb 09 2013

“But we have always accepted that when times change, so contingency we; that fealty to a first beliefs requires new responses to new challenges; that preserving a particular freedoms eventually requires common action.”

President Obama in his second initial address.

Choosing something and fondness something are dual opposite things.

Every day, Americans select dentists to perform their base canals. This does not meant that they like a procedure. It usually means they find it higher to carrying a stroke toothache.

And so it was in a 2012 election. Americans might have selected to give President Obama a second tenure possibly by voting for him or selecting not to opinion during all. But that usually means they found Obama a improved choice than Mitt Romney.

Obama has taken his feat to be a fungible, expanding charge for a extended line-up of process provisions. But a selecting was, for many electorate and non-voters, a choice between

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