Use dentist for teeth whitening

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May 13 2013

Question: I’m in my 30s and starting to notice some of my teeth are yellowing. Is this normal? What are protected ways to whiten? Is there anything that we can do to delayed down a yellowing?

Answer: Natural teeth have a bent to get darker as we get older. There are several more-or-less-effective over- the-counter tooth-whitening products and toothpastes accessible in drug stores and pharmacies that might be useful in creation your teeth lighter again.

The many effective and safest way, however, is to do this underneath a organisation of a dental professional, who can consider a reason for a extinguishing and name a many suitable solution.

The teeth might be discolored with stains from tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine, etc., that can usually be private with special cleaning and polishing instruments, preferably by a dentist or dental hygienist. If that’s a case, this cleaning

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