Mint confectionery verbal caring claims rising, says Mintel

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Jun 28 2013

Around a entertain of new product launches in a inscription confectionery difficulty have done claims for exhale freshening or verbal care. Mintel explores a latest season trends and health claims in a many common sub-group: Mints.

Speaking during a webinar in partnership with Roquette, Yannick Troalen, trends creation consultant during Mintel said: “The initial duty of tablets is to broach mutation – that’s what consumers expect. 

“But there is room to grow for verbal caring claims and in sold a categorical thing is tooth mineralization -this is a rising trend in Europe during a moment.”

Oral care: tooth mineralization and tongue scratching

23.8% of all tablets launched in a marketplace between 2010 and 2013 have had a explain for exhale freshening, according to Mintel data.

“However, we do see a arise in verbal caring claims. It’s especially seen in Europe,” pronounced Troalen. 5% of all tablets launched between 2010 and 2013 have made

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