Rotten teeth startle of Wales’ five-year-olds highlighted by heading doctor

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Jul 01 2013

Children as immature as 5 in Wales are carrying to bear medicine to mislay decaying teeth since of bad diets and a miss of believe of tooth brushing, a heading children’s alloy has warned.

In a sheer comment of a state of a nation’s teeth Dr David Tuthill, a consultant paediatrician during a Noah’s Ark Children’s Hospital for Wales, pronounced Wales was a misfortune in a UK when it came to children’s dental care.

He put a problem down to a series of factors including diets consisting of sweetened candy and drinks, and a simple miss of brushing.

He said: “It is worrying that Wales during a impulse has got a misfortune dental rates in a UK. It’s not something to be unapproachable of during all. A lot of children by a age of 5 have totally decaying teeth and in Wales it doesn’t seem to be improving as it is in other

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