Dentists propelling relatives to start that initial teeth examination early

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Feb 20 2014

Even a smallest teeth are during risk for decay. That’s because dentists are propelling relatives to move their small ones in for exams, even when they usually have a tooth or two.

In a past, children didn’t typically see a dentist for a initial time until about age 3. Now, however, dentists wish to see kids 6 months after a initial tooth erupts or by a time a child turns a year old.

Getting children into a dentist’s bureau early establishes a dental home, where relatives can ask questions about their kids’ teeth and dentists can offer tips.

“If we can give good preparation when they’re a year old, many, if not all, of these kids can go (cavity) free,” pronounced David Neil, a pediatric dentist during Adventure Dental in Clark County.

The early visits also give dentists a possibility to consider a child’s risk for decay. Poor verbal hygiene and high-sugar diets can

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