Tale of a tooth fairy

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Feb 27 2014

You would’ve never illusory that there is such a day. Mothers and fathers, friends and lovers, doctors and diseases all have their day in a universe fuelled by commerce. But, Tooth Fairy Day? Yes, there it was, in an problematic small dilemma of a newspaper.

Feb 28 is a Day of a Tooth Fairy. She has been around for a prolonged time, given a Middle Ages, a anticipation figure of a early years. The story is that when a child loses a baby tooth and keeps it underneath a pillow, a tooth angel will take a tooth and reinstate it with a gift. Legends and traditions abound, some steeped in superstition, others in customs. Baby teeth were mostly buried or burnt to equivocate a immorality eye. At other times, they were collected and strung around a neck as a good fitness charm.

Today this lovable small fairy

Article source: http://www.thehindu.com/features/tale-of-the-tooth-fairy/article5732550.ece

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