TOWIE visitor Grace Andrews held practising bootleg dentistry

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Feb 27 2014

TOWIE visitor Grace Andrews has been practicing bootleg dentistry, 3AM can exclusively reveal.

The brunette existence star has been behaving teeth whitening procedures for Costa Smiles Teeth Whitening Salon in Essex – procedures that a General Dental Council contend usually competent dental practitioners are authorised to lift out.

According to a General Dental Council (GDC), usually purebred dentists, dental therapists and dental hygienists operative to a medication of a dentist can perform any tooth whitening procedures.

“If a chairman is behaving tooth whitening and can't be found on one of a GDC’s registers they are not legally authorised to use tooth whitening and it would be wrong for them to whiten teeth,” they state.

Grace is not on this register.

When we called Costa Smiles, we were told a dentist did not need to be in a room while Grace carried out teeth whitening procedures.

“The dentists do a opposite procession to us. They make you

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