My 6-year aged takes on a Tooth Fairy

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Mar 05 2014

Don’t worry, a Tooth Fairy is safe…for now.

Even yet my 6-year-old is an immorality talent on standard with Darth Vader or El Macho, even yet she set a trap so intelligent and machiavellian that we roughly fell into it, greatfully know that we have saved a Tooth Fairy, during slightest for another week.

A week ago, Sarah mislaid a tooth. She was ecstatic and crafted an elaborate caring package for a tooth angel with a note seeking for angel dirt to make her fly. If a Tooth Fairy delivered what she asked for, she told us, it would infer she was real. And if she didn’t, well, a end would be obvious.

When Sarah carried her sham a subsequent morning, she was met with a sparkly jar of angel dust  and a letter

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