The Tooth Fairy Playing It Fiscally Conservative in Virginia

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Mar 01 2014


The Tooth Fairy is somewhat reduction inexhaustible in Virginia than a inhabitant average, according to The Original Tooth Fairy Poll® sponsored by Delta Dental.1 While relatives in other tools of a nation news a going rate for a mislaid baby tooth during $3.50, a normal for Virginia in 2013 was $2.60. Almost half of a time, a lost-tooth present was $1.

But when it comes to gifts for losing a initial tooth, a Tooth Fairy loosened adult her purse strings a bit. According to a poll, 62 percent of Virginia relatives reported withdrawal some-more income for a initial tooth– $4.47, on average.

“Leaving gifts from a Tooth Fairy is a good approach to assistance make losing teeth reduction frightful and some-more beguiling for

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