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The significance of seniors’ dental care

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Mar 02 2014

Historic moody for Hamilton’s Lancaster

Westmount is Hamilton’s tip high school: news

THE SKY THIS MONTH: Good chances to see northern lights this open

Library celebrates 100 years of collecting and preserving Hamilton’s story

Veteran performer launches Tambourine

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Diet soda robe as bad for teeth as meth or heroin addiction

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May 26 2013

New Delhi, May 23 (IANS) Just when will Bollywood ever get it right? As a universe celebrates 100 years of Indian cinema, Indian stars, it seems, went a small overboard in raised a ethnic, oriental demeanour during a Cannes red runner that saw Sonam Kapoor, Vidya Balan and Sherlyn Chopra possibly going large on bling or complicated on trinket and embroidery.

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Healthy kids have healthy mouths

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Sep 02 2012

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The many critical approach to assure children grow adult with great, healthy smiles is also a easiest — learn them a correct approach to brush their teeth.

According to a consult expelled as partial of a new partnership between a American Dental Association and New Hampshire Dental Society, who are fasten a debate Partnership for Healthy Mouths, Healthy Lives, usually 44 percent of relatives news their child brushes their teeth

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Man in black leather shawl walks off with eight-foot whale tooth

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Sep 03 2011

OSLO, Norway (AP) – The tooth angel in disguise? No, only a elementary tooth thief.

A male dressed in a black leather shawl and a dim cloak on Wednesday ran off with an eight-foot (2.5 meter) whale tooth from a museum in a Norwegian city Stavanger.

Museum central Atle Fiskaa says a tooth was some-more than 100 years aged and valued during around $9,300. Fiskaa says a burglar was between 40 and 50 years aged and took off with a tooth together with a big, white dog that he had left outward a museum before entering.

The occurrence has been reported to police, who are acid for a thief.

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