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Give Kids a Smile Day

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Feb 08 2014

A internal dental hospital gives kids giveaway teeth cleanings Friday.

It’s partial of Children’s Dental Health month.

Dentists during a hospital are perplexing to learn kids impediment is a pivotal to a healthy smile.

Amara Wheelock, 12,  says she takes flattering good caring of her teeth.

“I only need to floss more,” she said.

Wheelock is one of a 20 kids in Brown County who are removing giveaway dental services Friday during dental associates in Green Bay.

“They took a design of my teeth, so when we come here they know who we am. They spotless my teeth and we went in a room and they took another design my teeth to see a inside,” Wheelock explained.

Staff do other procedures as well  like fill cavities and request sealants for a patients.

“I only consider it’s useful for kids who don’t have dental insurance. So, not only for my kids though for any

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Dr. Paulo Viana Announces New Dental Education Website

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Aug 25 2013

LONDON, Ontario, Aug. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Paulo Viana, a London, Ontario dentist, announced that his use has launched a studious preparation website. The website is designed to make it easier for people to learn about verbal health care. Free studious information ranges from a basis of at-home care, such as correct brushing and flossing techniques, to modernized dental caring procedures, such as cosmetic and make dentistry. Dr. Viana’s use provides extensive family dentistry.

Dr. Paulo Viana’s recently launched website,, is assisting to change a approach that people learn about verbal health care. Dr. Viana’s website facilities a blog, studious preparation center, grin gallery and ubiquitous information on London dentists. “Our new website is a healthy element to a practice’s mission: educating patients about a basis of verbal health care,” pronounced Dr. Viana. “Individuals can now learn about a accumulation of

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Tulsa-area children accept giveaway back-to-school dental checkups

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Aug 01 2013

Dr. Ryan Roberts tries to get patients to give him a high 5 before they get their teeth examined, though some of them are too shy.

Roberts was one of about 200 dentists in a Tulsa area and via a state to offer giveaway dental exams Wednesday to elementary-age children as they get prepared to go behind to school.

Roberts, of On a Cusp Pediatric Dentistry, pronounced a thought is to find anything that could rise into difficulty later.

“We can brand tiny issues before they get into large problems,” he said.

A solid tide of children came to his south Tulsa plcae Wednesday for a discerning examination. They left a brightly colored bureau with a toothbrush, floss and a balloon.

Rosie Montero pronounced she hadn’t taken her 5-year-old son, Samuel, to a dentist

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New Dental Study Reveals Fear of a Bill Is Worse Than Fear of a Drill

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Jul 17 2013

LOS ANGELES, CA–(Marketwired – Jul 16, 2013) – In a city where your grin can make or mangle you, it’s intolerable that some-more than one million Los Angeles residents have visited a dentist usually once or not during all in a past 10 years, according to a survey expelled currently by Empirica Research and Santa Monica-based, a simple, giveaway choice to dental insurance™. Nearly 5 million Angelenos miss dental word and some-more than half of that race reported not removing any medicine caring during a dentist, including unchanging cleanings.

“People are neglecting simple dental caring since of high prices and not meaningful a fees before to their visit,” pronounced Jake Winebaum, Founder and CEO of “Los Angeles residents, quite a scarcely 50% who miss dental insurance, contingency squeeze their caring but a advantage of price transparency or any negotiating leverage. As

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Dr. Kanani and Around The Corner Dental Health Spa: Dangers of a Dental Divide

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Jun 07 2013
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Dr. Kanani offers a Invisalign Tooth Straightening System

Los Angeles, California (PRWEB) Jun 06, 2013

Dental caring is not one of a biggest priorities in a Affordable Care Act, says a American Dental Association, in a May 15, 2013 essay on “Targeting a Dental Divide” ( Despite a fact that a Act doesn’t unequivocally residence a state of a union’s teeth, ADA statistics uncover that 40% of low-income people “believe that health caring remodel will assistance them obtain dental care”. A cosmetic dentist in Woodland Hills, Dr. Kaveh Kanani, says that miss of income is positively a contributing cause toward

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Brooklyn, NY Periodontist, Dr. Navid Baradarian, Announces Ways To Avoid Gum Disease With His Preventive Dentistry …

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Jan 18 2013

Navid Baradarian, D.D.S., offers patients a resolution to equivocate a dangers of resin disease, that can lead to decrease gums and tooth loss. Partnering with your dentist or periodontist and regulating surety dentistry methods will assistance equivocate a short-term and long-term effects of resin disease.

Brooklyn, NY (PRWEB) Jan 17, 2013

Dr. Navid Baradarian of Marine Park Periodontics Implantology promotes periodontal upkeep as a pivotal means in a quarrel opposite gum disease. The aged observant that an unit of impediment is value a bruise of heal is positively loyal in this case. Gum or periodontal illness left untreated can mostly lead to draining and supportive gums and can even means decrease gums. Using correct during home caring as good as periodontal maintenance, a studious has a best possibility of gripping a illness during bay.

Preventive dentistry starts with training patients proper

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Kevin E. Hardy DDS Shares Cost-Saving Dental Health Tips

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Oct 22 2012

CLEVELAND, OH–(Marketwire – Oct 22, 2012) – According to a new article from The Washington Times, many Americans still onslaught to say correct dental health. With tooth spoil on a rise, generally among lower-income families, it is increasingly critical for a open to take precautionary measures to equivocate costly dental work in a future. Kevin E. Hardy DDS is a reputable dentist with years of preparation and service; he offers a few tips to assistance people strengthen their teeth and suffer a advantages of clever verbal health.

The Washington Times records that unchanging dental caring is essential to enhancing verbal health. In sequence to grasp improved teeth, a essay urges people to find out unchanging dentist appointments for check-ups, along with a customary slight brushing and flossing to forestall board rave and tooth decay. Among these tips, Kevin E. Hardy DDS suggests that visiting a dentist

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St. Albans Dentist Announces New Website

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Mar 19 2012

ST. ALBANS, WV–(Marketwire -03/18/12)- Warnick Dental in St. Albans, WV announced that a dental use has launched a new website. The site,, is designed to teach patients about opposite dental treatments. The website facilities a “Patient Education” library highlighting opposite dental procedures, such as dental implants. The idea is to yield patients with reliable, accurate information on renouned treatments, including Invisalign and teeth whitening, and to take a highlight out of a revisit to a dentist. Warnick Dental serves a Hurricane, Scott Depot, South Charleston and Winfield communities.

St. Albans dentist Dr. Melissa Warnick, along with her father and Dr. Steve Warnick, announced that their practice, Warnick Dental, has launched a new website to offer patients. The dentists’ idea is to lift recognition about common dental procedures and revoke a stress many patients feel about visiting a dentist.


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Teen Whitening Trend: AACD Dentist Shares Advice

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Feb 16 2012

Societal pressures might be one reason that some-more immature patients are seeking film star smiles. According to a new State of a Cosmetic Dentistry Industry Survey conducted by a American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry (AACD), patients underneath a age of 20 have increasing 12 percent over a final 5 years.

Madison, WI (PRWEB) Feb 16, 2012

“The media tends to set a customary for how immature people consider they should look,” explained Kellee Kattleman Stanton, DDS, family and cosmetic dentist, George Dental Group in Eagan, Minnesota. “Teenagers wish a beautiful, white smiles they see in magazines and TV.”

Dr. Stanton ranked a many renouned procedures for teenagers in her Minneapolis-area practice: whitening, cosmetic bonding, cosmetic re-contouring, and tooth deputy for blank or misshapen incisors.

As for whitening, a series one cosmetic procedure, relatives should be wakeful of

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Jackson Oral Surgeons Educate Patients About Maxillofacial Surgery

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Jan 15 2012

JACKSON, MS–(Marketwire -01/15/12)- Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates announced a launch of their new website, The new site is designed to make it easy for patients to entrance information on opposite dental services, including wisdom teeth extraction, dental implants and a accumulation of verbal surgical services. The use has dual locations portion a Jackson and Madison communities.

Jackson residents have a new apparatus for training about maxillofacial surgery and verbal health care. The verbal surgeons with Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery Associates announced a launch of a practice’s new website, The redesigned site will offer as an preparation apparatus for patients.

“After clever formulation and design, we are anxious to announce the new website,” pronounced verbal surgeon Donald L. Seago, DDS. “Our new ‘Patient Education’ library is filled with ominous articles explaining how common dental problems rise and how as oral surgeons we can

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