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Sep 25 2013

ACCORDING to a Cagayana in her mid-seventies, when she was a child she had a classmate who had to fly to Manila frequently to have her dental braces adjusted: Orthodontics, a diagnosis to scold curved or misaligned teeth and associated problems, was afterwards accessible customarily in Manila.

“It was deliberate really rarely specialized. You became a speak of a city since people suspicion it was a form of cosmetic surgery. No matter how tough my classmate explained that her Manila dentist pronounced curved teeth were disposed to building cavities and misaligned teeth could lead to jaw problems, a report was, ‘She is only vain and so dirty rich, her relatives don’t know what to do with their money,’ ” a Cagayana pronounced laughing.

She serve relates: “In my girl in Cagayan de Oro, people customarily went to a dentist for 3 things only: You possibly had your cavities filled or had

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BJMP10 jail trickery joins a quarrel opposite tooth decay

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Apr 12 2011

by PIA 10

CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, Misamis Oriental — The Bureau of Jail Management and Penology, segment 10, (BJMP-X), by a Health and Community Relations Service Unit (HCRSU) has assimilated a quarrel opposite tooth decay.

This was suggested by Jail Sr. Supt. Abraham Pil Lintao, Director of BJMPRO-X who invited a Committee of a German Doctors-Community Health Care Center, a Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) and a Cagayan de Oro City Health Office, to extend health caring services to a jails in a region.

Lintao pronounced digest health caring to detainees, if usually to relieve their problem or pang while in detention, is

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