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Drs. Paul Donohue and Keith Roach: Antibiotics for dental work presents dilemma

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Nov 01 2012

Dear Drs. Donohue and Roach: we had dual sum hip replacements about 10 years ago. we was told that we should take antibiotics one hour before undergoing dental procedures. we take 600 milligrams of clindamycin.

Recently, we review that a substantial commission of a orthopedic medical village is of a opinion that antibiotics are NOT compulsory after a two-year post-op period. My dentist feels otherwise. Your thoughts?


Dear C.H.: People with sum hip replacements have hardware in their joints that is during aloft risk for infection than normal, healthy joints, so it creates clarity to cruise regulating antibiotics before procedures that competence means a proxy influx of bacteria.

The American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons doesn’t give a specific recommendation, only that clinicians cruise prescribing antibiotics. Early studies uncover that infection of a synthetic corner can occur even many years after surgery, so I’m not certain a two-year order creates finish sense.

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BPA in tooth fillings might boost kids' behavioral problems

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Jul 17 2012

dental sealants, dentist, kid, child, cavity, filling, bpa(Credit:

(CBS) BPA, or bisphenol-A, is a chemical found in cans and other food wrapping that has been related to health risks such as cancer and birth defects and a intrusion of normal growth in babies and kids. Now, a new investigate in a Jul 16 emanate of Pediatrics links a BPA that is used in certain forms of children’s tooth fillings to a somewhat increasing risk for behavioral problems.

Can “Keep 32” chemical keep we cavity-free?

More preschoolers display adult to dentists with 10 cavities or more, says report

BPA tied to function problems in girls, though how about boys?

After a 5 year follow-up period, children with a top bearing to BPA-based fillings scored worse on behavioral comment tests and had more

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San Francisco Dentist Dr. Itani Visits Patient in Home on KRON 4 News

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Jun 18 2012

Dr. Samer Itani, DDS from Itani Dental in San Francisco explains his in-home dental services on KRON 4 news tonight during 6:45 pm.

San Francisco, CA (PRWEB) Jun 18, 2012

San Francisco dentist, Dr. Samer Itani of Itani Dental, will seem on KRON 4 News today, Jun 18, and intermittently during a arriving months with segments about Itani Dental’s Bay Area in-home dental visits (Dentistry to Your Door) and nap and sedation dentistry services.

“Many times patients are incompetent to revisit us in the bureau for a series of opposite reasons,” pronounced Dr. Itani. “We get calls from parents, kin or caregiverswho wish us to yield home caring dentistry services since it’s most easier to provide certain patients in their homes.”

In a prior KRON 4 shred that aired final month (, Dr. Itani discussed identical topics.

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Suicide by sugar? Sweet tooth is murdering us, many doctors say

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Jun 17 2012

“The pancreas wasn’t done to hoop high doses of direct sugars,” pronounced Mehta, 52, who cut sugarine from his diet 5 years ago. “The aria is manifesting itself as disease. Our ancestors didn’t have a lot of polished foods, and zero in boxes, and they didn’t have metabolic diseases.”

Fifty years ago, diets were done adult of about one-third fat, one-third protein and one-third carbohydrates — that includes sugar, Mehta said. Today, some-more than half of Americans’ calories come from carbohydrates, many of that are polished starches and sugars.

Sugar promotes plumpness since it’s addictive, pronounced Wood, author of “How Fat Works” (Harvard University Press). “The some-more we eat, a some-more we want. It stimulates cravings and promotes overeating.”

As shortly as we eat sugarine or fructose, a pancreas responds by secreting insulin, that translates dietary sugarine into glycogen, a fuel tissues can use.

However, when a physique doesn’t need a fuel

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More Proof That Healthy Habits Fight Disease

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Jun 07 2012

Children unprotected to mixed CT scans could be adult to 3 times likelier to agreement cancer of a blood, mind or bone pith after in life, according to investigate published Thursday.

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Statement From Dr. William Calnon, President, American Dental Association on New York City's Proposed Ban of Large …

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Jun 02 2012

CHICAGO, Jun 1, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The American Dental Association (ADA) applauds New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg for resplendent a spotlight on a emanate of visit and extreme expenditure of soda and other sweetened beverages that raises a risk of inauspicious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and tooth decay.

When it comes to a anathema associated to a sold food or beverage, is a hang rather than a carrot proceed a best approach to get people to adopt healthier diets? Perhaps not, though a courtesy alone that a mayor’s offer has generated on this emanate is positively a outrageous step in a right direction.

Health professionals, including dentists, have prolonged stressed a significance of a healthy diet; nonetheless plumpness and miss of exercise–associated with ongoing diseases and conditions such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes and hypertension–remain high.

In addition, some-more than one in 5 Americans have untreated cavities, according

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Dental students to provide Indians

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May 28 2012

Miles HindesThe final year students have to account a plan themselves

Students from a dental propagandize in south-west England are to transport to India to yield diagnosis and give recommendation in “health caring deprived” areas.

Six students from a Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in Plymouth will work alongside dentists in a city of Palampur in north-west India.

Student Miles Hindes pronounced they hoped they could yield caring for people who competence not differently accept it.

The students will transport to India for dual weeks in July.


Mr Hindes said: “It is estimated that about 80% of a Indian race reside in farming areas and have no entrance to dental care.

“Some of a race revisit roadside, utter people known

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Dental caring 'disgrace' behind underneath a spotlight

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May 01 2012

A revisit to a dentist is an unaffordable oppulance for millions of Australians, and there are now a flourishing series of voices fasten a call for a Federal Government to do something about it.

According to a Consumers Health Forum, a watchful list for publically-funded dental caring has 650,000 people on it, and many of those people are watchful for some-more than dual years to accept care.

Ahead of a recover of a 2012-2013 sovereign bill subsequent Tuesday, a forum is rising a debate to prominence what it says is a inhabitant crisis.

Its chairman, Stephen Murby, told ABC News24 that stream watchful list total are “horrifying”.

The debate also comes on a same day as a into a ongoing illness dental program, with dentists providing feedback on a intrigue that has seen many in a contention being audited over millions of dollars value of Medicare payments.

Earlier this year, Prime Minister Julia

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Community college gives dental hygiene module alums ‘last look’

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Apr 29 2012

Cape Cod Community College’s Dental Hygiene module alumni will be given one final demeanour on May 2 from 5 p.m. to  7 p.m. during a comforts in that they lerned before vital renovations renovate a space this summer, swelling it, and adding new diagnosis possibilities for hospital patients.

Since 1974, a module has graduated scarcely 600  dental hygienists, a good many of whom select to sojourn on a Cape and offer their internal communities in a offices of internal dentists. 

 “This plan will renovate a 20th century clinical and investigate sourroundings to simulate 21st century technology, pattern and function,” explained college President Kathleen Schatzberg. “This is a extensive event to raise and raise a well-developed training trickery and to impact a health of a community.”

The Dental Hygiene Clinic now provides a accumulation of dental services including: cleanings, verbal cancer exams, x-rays, fluoride treatment, sealant chain and form checks. Once renovations are complete, additional

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Dental X-rays couple to mind tumours

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Apr 11 2012

Frequent dental X-rays might significantly boost a risk of non-malignant mind tumours, contend researchers.

Over a lifetime, carrying dental X-rays can double or triple a chances of building meningioma tumours, a investigate has found. The tumours grow in a outdoor surface covering a brain.

In one case, involving X-rays on children, a five-fold boost in risk was seen.

However, a odds of building a mind swelling during all is really small. Meningiomas, that comment for about one in 5 primary mind tumours, impact dual or 3 in any 100,000 people in a UK any year. The tumours are delayed growing, mostly causing no symptoms, and customarily benign.

Scientists in a US looked during a self-reported dental histories of 1,433 patients diagnosed with meningioma tumours. They were compared with a “control group” of 1,350 matched people who were giveaway of a disease. The swelling patients were consistently some-more expected to have been unprotected to

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