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The dentist who travels around a universe to repair ANIMALS’ teeth… from lethal hippos to an darling small hedgehog

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Jun 14 2013
  • Dr Gerhard Steenkamp is one of a world’s tip oldster dentists
  • The South African operates on predators including lions and tigers
  • His work has seen him transport to China, Egypt, UAE, and opposite Africa

Anthony Bond

06:17 EST, 14 Jun 2013


08:40 EST, 14 Jun 2013

Being a dentist is not always an easy job. Performing unpleasant medicine on grouchy patients can exam a calm – and nerves – of even a many experienced.

But when that studious is a six-tonne elephant wanting base waterway or a lion with toothache, it creates a charge all a some-more trickier.

However, for Dr. Gerhard Steenkamp, it is all in a days work. The South African is one of a world’s tip oldster dentists, handling on some of a wilds many inhuman predators.

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Tough job: Dr Gerhard Steenkamp is one of a world's tip oldster dentists, operating<p>Article source:</p>					
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Root Canal For Tiger’s Toothache

Root Canal | Posted by admin
Sep 28 2012

MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A organisation of doctors got to a base of a problem to assistance a tiger during Zoo Miami revive his roar.

“Hati,” an involved Malayan tiger, had a toothache that would make even a kindest tiger upset. The Malayan tiger is personal as endangered, they can usually be found on a Malay Peninsula and there is estimated to be about 1,000 of them left.

Hati was innate during a Fort Worth Zoo and arrived during Zoo Miami in Nov of 2004 as partial of a designed serf tact program.

Now, 10 years later, Hati has perceived a tip of a line base waterway on his reduce right dog tooth after zookeepers beheld that he had fractured it in an different manner.

Carnivores, like Hati, mostly detonate their teeth in a midst of a wild, that could lead up

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