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Enrichment module to concentration on tooth care

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Jun 06 2012

Enrichment module to concentration on tooth care

Published 1:18pm Tuesday, Jun 5, 2012

Students participating in a improvement camps during U.S. Jones Elementary School this summer will spend some additional time training about how to live a healthy lifestyle.

The beginning is a outcome of a partnership between USJ, a Tombigbee Healthcare Authority and Bryan W. Whitfield Memorial Hospital. Students participating in a camps will spend one hour any day Jun 6, Jun 11 and Jun 18 during a Theo Ratliff Activity Center focusing on a opposite aspect of healthy living.

The initial program, that will take place Wednesday from 1 p.m. to 2 p.m. will combine on dental care.

“Some of a area dentists have given toothbrushes and floss and opposite things for a children,” Judith Hood, an LPN who is conducting a programs, said. Hood, whose efforts are done probable by a Health and Wellness Program yet a Rural Assistance Program for

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“Is Death a Worst Thing that Can Happen?”

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May 02 2012

By Rev. Lorna King, United Churches Nipawin, Codette, Choiceland and White Fox

Posted 2 hours ago

I suspect we could list all a things that we privately consider are worse than genocide – things like a base waterway though adequate freezing, or an unconstrained selling outing during a mall, though that doesn’t unequivocally answer a question.

My possess faith and my method are formed on a faith that genocide is not a end, that nothing, not even death, can apart us from God’s love. Seen in that context, genocide is really not a misfortune thing. we have walked with people by some really formidable times. we have also sat with people (and their families) as they changed towards death. And together we have been means to contend that genocide is not a misfortune thing.

When there has been no peculiarity of life for awhile, or when a pain

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