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Dental tourism on a rise

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Sep 04 2013

Cancun dentist Dr. Jorge Carrasco with patient. A full 50% or Carrasco’s unfamiliar customers are Canadians looking for a good dental deal. Supplied photo

For a flourishing series of Albertans, sitting solidified on a Mexican beach is goal accomplished.

That pain-killer narcotic their jaws is a sign because they done a outing to a object — for dental work whose cost behind home has turn restricted adequate for them to house a craft for relief.

Earlier this year, Don Stilwell was squeezing Cancun silt between his toes, nipping by sharp Mexican transport with a new set of teeth bought during a cost distant easier to swallow than in his home range of Alberta.

“I indispensable 4 implants and we was looking during $16,000-$20,000 for them, that only unequivocally incited me off,” pronounced Stilwell, 59.

The Leduc proprietor pronounced he began researching out-of-country alternatives, though did so with a prejudiced eye.

On a Internet, he’d turn acquainted

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Half Dental Introduces a New Learning Center That Educates Patients About Procedures Including Root Canals in St. George

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Aug 31 2013

St. George, Utah (PRWEB) Aug 30, 2013

As distinguished family dentists in Utah, Half Dental prides themselves on charity prices that are some-more affordable and permitted to a incomparable clientele. Along with low prices, they offer a rarely gifted dentist in St. George. In sequence to make concerned patients feel some-more gentle with their procedures, a business is introducing a Learning Center on their website that offers credentials on their opposite services. The Learning Center offers articles and videos that go by opposite procedures, including root

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Study: Disparities in Child Access to Emergency Dental Care

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May 24 2011

A new study, published currently in a Official Journal of a American Academy of Pediatrics, indicates that dentists were reduction peaceful to see kids who indispensable an puncture appointment if they were lonesome by Medicaid than if a children were secretly insured.

In a study, 6 women simulated to be a mom of a 10-year-old child who had usually damaged his front tooth and compulsory obligatory care. The women done dual calls to 85 opposite dental practices in Cook County, Ill. The usually disproportion between a calls was that one time, a women told dental officials a child was lonesome by Medicaid, and in a other call, they pronounced a family had private Blue Cross insurance. In total, dentist offices told roughly two-thirds of mothers with Medicaid that their son couldn’t get an appointment, compared to reduction than 5 percent of those with Blue Cross insurance.

Last fall, a number

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