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Dr. Ronald Receveur’s Louisville, New Albany Cosmetic Dental Practice Reveals New Website

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Mar 01 2014

Dr. Ronald Receveur, provides services including dental implants, IV sedation, and teeth whitening and other Aesthetic dentistry.

This is unequivocally exciting. We know how most a patients and impending patients count on a website, so we wanted to make it as useful and user-friendly as possible.

New Albany, IN (PRWEB) Feb 28, 2014

Dr. Ronald Receveur, one of a initial dentists in a Louisville, Ky./Southern Indiana area to see a advantages of web marketing, has updated

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RnD Dental Offering Complimentary Cosmetic Smile Assessment

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Sep 20 2013

RnD Dental

These days, some-more and some-more people have turn meddlesome in improving a coming of their teeth, creation them some-more aesthetically appealing

(PRWEB) Sep 19, 2013

Gaithersburg, MD: A dilettante cosmetic and ubiquitous dentistry group, RnD Dental, is now providing consumers with a possibility to advantage from a nominal cosmetic grin assessment. This could be ideal for those who are deliberation carrying cosmetic dental procedures in sequence to urge their smile, enabling them to make an sensitive choice with regards to a work they should have carried out.

RnD Dental provides entrance to both ubiquitous dentistry and cosmetic procedures, with financing accessible for those who need to have work carried out though can't means to compensate for it all in one

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Global Market for Dental Imaging Systems Will Reach Over $2.3 Billion by 2022

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Sep 19 2013

TORONTO, Sept. 18, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — According to Millennium Research Group (MRG), a tellurian management on medical record marketplace intelligence, a tellurian marketplace for dental imaging systems will see clever income enlargement in a arise of rising direct for cosmetic dental procedures such as orthodontics, composites, veneers and crowns and bridges. General dentists are increasingly behaving these remunerative procedures worldwide, ensuing in clever adoption of dental imaging systems.

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The tellurian marketplace for dental imaging systems is also being driven by a widespread change from film-based systems to digital imaging solutions. Digital solutions are appealing to dental practitioners seeking to boost speed and efficiency, urge picture peculiarity and confederate imaging into information record (IT) systems. Because digital dental imaging systems lift a aloft cost than film-based solutions, a change will have a clever certain impact on tellurian revenues.

The European marketplace for dental imaging

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Ft. Worth Cosmetic and Family Dentistry Announces Expansion to Cosmetic Dentistry Services

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Sep 04 2013

Fort Worth Dentist, Dr Nikki Green

People who have cosmetic dental procedures mostly have bigger smiles and renewed confidence.

Ft. Worth, Texas (PRWEB) Sep 03, 2013

Fort Worth Cosmetic Family Dentistry, led by Dr. Nikki Green, has announced a enlargement of a cosmetic dentistry area of practice, now to embody dental implants as good as veneers, crowns and tooth whitening. Dr. Green has suggested that a enlargement was patient-driven.

“The technological advances in cosmetic dentistry have, in

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Santa Clara Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Alan Frame, Now Offers Various Cosmetic Dentistry Treatments

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Aug 17 2013

Alan Frame DDS

Santa Clara, CA (PRWEB) Aug 16, 2013

Dr. Alan Frame, Santa Clara dentist, now offers a extensive array of cosmetic dental procedures. Whether a studious needs a elementary whitening diagnosis or several cosmetic dental treatments to revive their smile, Dr. Frame can help.

Among a many treatments that Dr. Frame, Santa Clara Invisalign provider, offers are Invisalign aligners. The Invisalign complement realigns teeth and corrects a punch but a use of wires and brackets. Instead, it uses clear, durable cosmetic aligners to straighten a teeth.

Dr. Frame also offers veneers to cover teeth that are worn, chipped, damaged, irregularly shaped, small, or feeble spaced. Veneers can be practical in only dual bureau visits, charity a available and rarely effective approach to scold critical cosmetic dental problems but invasive treatments.

Whitening treatments

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Santa Clara Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Alan Frame, Offers Various Teeth Whitening Options

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Jul 20 2013

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Jul 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Alan Frame, Santa Clara cosmetic dentist, offers teeth whitening for his patients. Teeth whitening is a rarely effective approach to mislay years of yellowing or built-up stains. 

Dr. Frame offers a Zoom whitening complement for patients who cite an in-office whitening procedure. Zoom whitening is a whitening diagnosis that was grown by Philips. It uses a rarely strong peroxide jelly to whiten a teeth. The Zoom whitening procession is quick and really effective, creation it one of a many sought after whitening procedures available. In only one brief bureau visit, a patient’s teeth can turn 5 to 8 shades whiter. In addition, a Zoom whitening procession is reduction expected to outcome in teeth sensitivity, distinct many of a other in-office diagnosis methods.

The Zoom whitening procession is simple. First, Dr. Frame covers a gums to forestall exasperation by

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Chatsworth Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Kashfian, Offers Dental Veneers to Create Flawless Smiles

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Jul 12 2013

CHATSWORTH, Calif., Jul 12, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Kashfian, Chatsworth dentist, offers porcelain veneers for patients with several cosmetic dental problems. Porcelain veneers are skinny shells that cover a fronts of a teeth, masking deeply stained teeth, teeth with teenager fixing problems or spacing issues, irregularly made teeth, or teeth that are disproportionately small.

The routine for fixation veneers is straightforward, and it customarily can be achieved in only dual bureau visits. First, Dr. Kashfian, Chatsworth porcelain veneers expert, removes a tiny volume of dental finish from a front surfaces of a teeth. Removing a finish allows room for a veneers. Next, Dr. Kashfian creates a mold of a teeth to send to a dental laboratory. The lab creates a tradition set of veneers that are designed to fit a patient’s teeth. When a veneers come behind from a lab, Dr. Kashfian checks to

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Los Angeles Porcelain Veneer Dentist, Kevin Sands, DDS, Offers Veneers to Improve Smile Imperfections

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Jul 05 2013

LOS ANGELES, Jul 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Kevin Sands, Los Angeles porcelain veneers expert, provides porcelain veneers to assistance patients cover their cosmetic dental problems. Veneers are among a fastest, many effective, and slightest invasive ways to scold problems with a patient’s smile.

Veneers are skinny shells that cover a fronts of a patient’s teeth. Once they are applied, they can cover adult a series of cosmetic dental problems, including deeply stained teeth, teeth that are scarcely made or small, or teeth that have teenager problems with fixing or spacing. In further to these benefits, veneers can assistance to strengthen a patient’s teeth from destiny stains and assistance to strengthen teeth.

The routine for fixation veneers is comparatively elementary when compared with other cosmetic dental procedures. First, Dr. Sands will mislay a tiny volume of finish from a fronts of a patient’s teeth. Removing finish makes

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Chicago Cosmetic Dentist Jessica T. Emery Announces " Dental Professional Confessionals" Video Series

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Mar 23 2013

Sugar Fix Dental Loft will be producing a array of videos underneath a ensign of “Dental Professional Confessionals,” reaching out to a new assembly and educating them about cosmetic dentistry in a fun and singular way.

Chicago, IL (PRWEB) Mar 23, 2013

Sugar Fix Dental Loft will be producing a array of videos underneath a ensign of “Dental Professional Confessionals,” according to Chicago cosmetic dentist Jessica T. Emery, DMD. Dr. Emery will be appearing in a videos alongside use manager Amy DeLassus and dental partner Laney Judson.

Talks are now underway with a internal prolongation association to emanate a videos, that would request a transformations of a 3 dental professionals as they bear several cosmetic dental procedures. Unlike many dental videos, however, these “Dental Professional Confessionals” will have a contemporary edge, same to renouned existence programs such

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Chicago Dentist Rejuvenates Patient’s Smile With Lumineers

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Mar 11 2013

CHICAGO, IL–(Marketwire – Feb 13, 2013) – Dr. Steven Flicker, a Chicago dentist, frequently performs cosmetic dental procedures during Dental Implant Associates. In one new Lumineers® case, he rejuvenated a woman’s grin and helped boost her self-confidence.

Dental Implant Associates has been a Lumineers® Preferred Provider for a past 6 years, and Dr. Flicker says Lumineers® are one of a many innovative alternatives to porcelain veneers available. He adds that Lumineers® offer a probably painless process of providing patients with a same advantages as porcelain dental veneers but a need for injections or endless tooth reduction. Benefits of Lumineers® include:

  • Straightening a coming of tooth alignment
  • Lengthening brief or ragged down teeth
  • Brightening discolored teeth

Dr. Flicker’s Chicago dentistry studious pronounced that she was discontented with

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