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FAIR Health® Launches Spanish-Language Version of Consumer Website, Expanding Access to Comprehensive Healthcare Cost …

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Mar 04 2013


FAIR Health, a eccentric not-for-profit classification dedicated to
bringing clarity to medical costs and out-of-network
reimbursement, has launched a Spanish-language chronicle of FH Consumer
Cost Lookup® (
The giveaway Spanish-language consumer website will assistance some-more people better
conduct their medical costs by providing free, eccentric and
pure health word information.

Both a English- and Spanish-language versions of a FH Consumer Cost
Lookup capacitate particular consumers to hunt and weigh cost estimates
for user-selected

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Watch your teeth: Dentists’ diagnoses and costs change widely opposite Canada

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Oct 20 2012

CBC Marketplace has confirmed what many of us have been suspecting for some time: Dental costs and endorsed procedures change widely opposite a country.

A CBC researcher named Theresa visited 20 dentists’ offices, tiny and large, opposite Toronto and Vancouver. Upon tallying a endorsed treatments, Theresa found she had been quoted dental procedures trimming from $114 to $11,931.

Prior to her visits, dental experts suggested “only a few cleanings and presumably a crown,” CBC reported. This didn’t stop dentists from recommending all from night guards to base canals and finish “smile makeovers” involving costly veneers.

Dentist and author of Confessions of a Former Cosmetic Dentist, Dr. Michael Zuk of Red Deer, Alberta, told a news module that dentists mostly ride to a veneers as a “cure-all” solution, partially for mercantile reasons, “trying to make $30,000 to $40,000 in cases that unequivocally don’t need a treatment.”

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Dentists change widely on diagnosis and cost, CBC Marketplace finds

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Oct 19 2012

Nearly each tooth in Theresa’s mouth is in need of some kind of diagnosis — from base canals, veneers, and fillings to overpass replacements, whitenings and crowns — if we mix all a recommendations of 20 dentists she visited.

That, notwithstanding a fact that dental experts suggested usually a few cleanings and presumably a crown.

Theresa, a CBC researcher, went to a reduction of tiny and vast dental offices in Toronto and Vancouver for a Marketplace episode, Money Where Your Mouth Is, airing on Friday.

By a end, a dentists had endorsed treatments covering 19 opposite teeth, trimming from night mouth guards to veneers earnest a “complete grin makeover,” with cost estimates trimming from $144 to $11,931.

“Some of it we found utterly frightening,” pronounced dental word consultant Rick Beyers. “It was indeed utterly frightful that invasive procedures like base canals and overpass deputy would be offered.”

Before visiting dental offices, Theresa underwent an

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Website reveals costs of medical, dental procedures by ZIP code

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Aug 10 2011

A nonprofit consumer organisation has launched a website to help
patients national get cost estimates, by ZIP code, for several
medical procedures, as good as estimates of what they can expect
insurers to repay for out-of-network care.

The Consumer Cost Lookup site –
offers cost information for a far-reaching operation of medical services, from
mental health conversing to common surgeries.

By typing in a ZIP code, for example, a chairman can ask cost
information for 10 opposite colonoscopy procedures.

For a Pittsburgh, Pa., ZIP formula 15222, a site pronounced the
removal of polyps with an endoscope would lift an estimated charge
of $1,316, with an estimated word payment of $921.

That leaves an out-of-pocket cost to a studious of $395.

The Cost Lookup site estimates a gallbladder dismissal procedureArticle source:

FAIR Health Officially Launches Free Consumer Website to Research Dental Costs

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Apr 19 2011