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Lubbock Cosmetic Dentist Jason P. White Now Offering Sheer White and Realine

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Feb 05 2014

Lubbock, TX (PRWEB) Feb 03, 2014

Lubbock cosmetic dentist Jason P. White has announced that his use now offers Sheer White!® teeth whitening strips and Realine transparent orthodontic aligners. These dual products paint a initial new offerings of 2014 for a renouned dental practice.

In Sheer White!®, Dr. White is assured that he has found a professional-grade whitening frame estimable of station alongside a Zoom!® System in his preference of teeth whitening options.

“They are like Crest® Whitening Strips, though better!” Dr. White says. “They are some-more absolute in fighting stains though gentler on a teeth and gums. we was acid for a product that would give my patients a quick, easy take-home whitening knowledge that unequivocally works, and Sheer White!® fits a check perfectly.”

Sheer White!® strips are graphic from opposition strips in that their use

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3 DIY Tips for Whiter Teeth

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Aug 07 2013

Many at-home teeth whitening tricks people swear by are in fact bad for your teeth, and others are only odd. Brushing your teeth with timber ash? I’ll pass.

But it’s distinct that folks would wish to do it themselves since complicated dentistry options can be pricey. The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentists estimates we spend about $2.75 billion on whitening and other self-centredness procedures any year.

In-office splotch can cost in a thousands. Even a take-home programs will cost we about $500 for custom-made trays. Then there are a booths during a mall earnest whiter teeth in only 20 minutes. Those will set we behind $100.

Teeth whitening products take adult an whole territory during many vital drugstores. Crest whitening strips will cost we about $40. Brightening gels are about $30, and that’s doesn’t embody a trays. An at-home complement from Sephora will run about $200.

Some teeth whitening toothpastes cost

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CRIME BEAT: Shoplifters strike Walmart for $3,000 value of items

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Jun 14 2011

 Pueblo County sheriff’s deputies were called to a Pueblo West
Walmart after dual people managed to shoplift some-more than $3,000 worth
of tooth-care products and allergy medications.

  According to a news by Deputy Jason Hanratty, he was called to
the store around 2:24 p.m. Friday and watched video footage of a
man and lady enter a store. According to his report, a camera
followed a lady as she picked adult a cruise basket and cooler and
proceeded to fill a dual equipment with boxes of Crest Whitening
Strips and Allegra allergy medication.

  Hanratty wrote that a lady afterwards met her messenger during the
store’s garden center, where she eliminated a equipment to a bag and
the male scaled a blockade to a garden core and left the

  According to a report, 93 boxes of Allegra were stolen, worth
$1,822.66. The span stole 37 boxes of Crest Whitening Strips, worthArticle source: