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Elizabeth O'Brien's Retire Well: Obamacare isn’t good for your teeth

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Jan 23 2014

By Elizabeth O’Brien

Obamacare is a bonus for boomers in several ways. Dental coverage, alas, isn’t one of them.

More Americans miss dental coverage than health insurance, and while dental bills frequency strech a stratospheric heights of medical bills, they can still take a large punch out of retirees’ savings. But while a Affordable Care Act has combined a new approach to emporium for dental insurance, it hasn’t softened a peculiarity of that coverage, nor has it done a economics any friendlier—at slightest not for adults.

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Health word for all? In Florida, 1 million will be left out

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Sep 28 2013


Letharius Smith hadn’t seen a alloy in years.

He doesn’t have a pursuit or insurance, so he goes but even simple medical care. Or he did, until his tooth got putrescent so badly he was in consistent pain, his face was distended and he could usually gnaw on one side of his jaw. Smith finished adult during a St. Petersburg Free Clinic.

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“Because of this tooth incident, it done me

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DPH: Dental caring lacking for exposed comparison adults

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Sep 13 2013

Residents of Connecticut long-term caring comforts and adults receiving federally-subsidized food assistance are pang a high rate of untreated tooth decay, a state Department of Public Health said.

More than half of adults DPH surveyed during rally dish sites pronounced they don’t have dental insurance.

Of that number, three-quarters pronounced they couldn’t means it.

Medicaid provides some dental coverage, though Medicare does not, Edith G. Prague, commissioner of a state Department on Aging, pronounced in a statement. Prague pronounced she hopes that will change soon.

“Preventive verbal health caring is as critical as surety medical care,” Prague said.

The DPH news pronounced improved training for nursing home staff about daily verbal hygiene caring would advantage exposed populations.

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SmartCare Worldwide Providing Solutions to Limited U.S. Dental Coverage with Medical Tourism in Costa Rica

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Aug 01 2013

“The assets that come with roving for dental caring are extraordinary. Dental procedures in a nation like Costa Rica can be adult to 70% reduction than a same caring in a United States.”

Houston, TX (PRWEB) Jul 31, 2013

The Baby Boomer demographic is personification a outrageous purpose in a stream epoch of dental medical tourism. Americans of all ages are being limited from dental work due to impassioned U.S. dental costs, are forced to stoop to these impassioned U.S. costs, or are seeking petrify solutions by medical travel. For members of a baby boomer demographic, comparison adults and retirees, not receiving dental caring is oftentimes not an option. It’s common for many people to have a many serious and difficult dental issues on reaching retirement age. Senior adults and

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While Obamacare Fails to Provide Dental Coverage, 32 Dental Travel Takes a Bite Out of The Issue With Dental Tourism …

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Jul 25 2013

32 Dental Travel

While some-more Americans will expected benefit entrance to medical caring when a law goes into outcome subsequent year, a series that can means a revisit to a dentist for a filling, base waterway or checkup might indeed decrease.

Indianapolis, IN (PRWEB) Jul 25, 2013

No matter where your personal views, thoughts and feelings tumble on a emanate of Obamacare and what it means for medical coverage in a United States subsequent year, no one is arguing a fact that there is a gaping hole in dental coverage with a new law. This is since a Healthcare Reform Act does not yield coverage for any of a some-more than 135 million uninsured Americans who are in need of dental

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Editorial: Use health law to quarrel tooth spoil in kids

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Jul 25 2013

Tooth spoil is a many common ongoing health problem in children, according to a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. More than a entertain of kids have spoil in their baby teeth by a time they enter kindergarten. Nearly 68 percent of teenagers 16 to 19 have spoil in their permanent teeth.

The Affordable Care Act provides an event to urge children’s entrance to dental caring starting in Jan 2014 – if a California state health exchange, called Covered California, does things right.

Currently, a immeasurable infancy of families who get word by their employer are offering dental coverage apart from their medical coverage possibly in a “stand-alone” dental devise or in a “bundled” devise where an subordinate dental devise is combined to a medical plan.

The Affordable Care Act creates children’s dental coverage one of 10 “essential health benefits,” providing a event to offer a wider operation of choices, including “embedded” plans

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Medi-Cal dental coverage to be partially restored, though not until May

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Jul 08 2013

LeAna Powell, already blank dual front teeth, has so many pain from several molars that she pops pain pills customarily and tries to eat usually soothing food.

She suspicion it would be OK to taste some popcorn, though when she attempted it a few days ago, a cube of a behind tooth fell out.

“That’s a many annoying thing,” pronounced a 29-year-old Oakland resident. “The initial thing we wish to do is cover your mouth and go home. You think, ‘Oh my god, what do my teeth demeanour like now?'”

Relief might be in store for Powell and others now that state lawmakers have partially easy dental coverage for 3 million adults on Medi-Cal who mislaid a advantage in a 2009 bill cut.

They will have to wait awhile longer, however. The coverage, famous as Denti-Cal, won’t start until May. Still, Powell and others were elated.

“I started great when we listened about

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San Diego Kids More Likely To Get Dental Care Than Others In California

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Jun 25 2013

A news out currently says California is among a 10 misfortune states when it comes to removing kids in to see a dentist. Researchers with a Pew Charitable Trusts contend scarcely 60 percent of California children with dental coverage by Medi-Cal, a state’s chronicle of Medicaid, did not see a dentist in 2011.

Speak City Heights

Speak City Heights is a media collaborative directed during amplifying a voices of residents in one of San Diego’s many different neighborhoods. (Read more)

Speak City Heights is a media collaborative directed during amplifying a voices of residents in one of San Diego’s many different neighborhoods. (Read more)

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Filling a dental divide

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Jun 25 2013
By the numbers

830,590: Number of puncture room visits done by Americans in 2009 for preventable dental conditions, according to a news by a Pew Center on a States. That was a 16 percent boost over 2006.

4,676: The series of ER visits for dental problems done in Spokane County in 2009. That was an 18 percent boost over 2005, after adjusting for population growth.

86 percent: The suit of Spokane County ER visits for dental complaints that were associated to verbal illness in 2009. That was compared with 21.3 percent of visits for damaged teeth. (Some patients had both diagnoses.)

SOURCES: Pew Center on a States,

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Turlock dental hospital offers giveaway services to grin about

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Jun 09 2013

Root waterway dilettante Sal Souza and Santa Rosa dentist Andy McCormick, both friends of McCulla, also donated their time for a day.

Modestan Charles Munshaw pronounced he got in line during 2 a.m. to get his initial dental revisit in 5 years.

He is impoverished and on Medi-Cal, that separated dental coverage for adults. The change was not a good approach to save money, Munshaw said. “It gets to a indicate (where) it does some-more damage.”

About 11:30 a.m., McCulla pulled Munshaw’s problem tooth for free. About 25 patients indispensable teeth pulled, McCulla said.

“In losing teeth, a common law-breaker is resin disease. It takes divided a bone that keeps teeth in. It’s kind of like your car: If we get unchanging oil changes, all lasts a lot longer,” he said.

About 36 patients had teeth cleanings and 25 indispensable cavities filled — some that had waited distant too long, Souza said.

Reclining in Souza’s chair

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