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Student bringing dental hygiene, sacrament to Africa

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Apr 24 2013

Pulling teeth is a pleasure for Amy Foust.

Last summer, a Blinn College dental hygiene tyro extracted a tooth from a studious in Kenya and taught several some-more a significance of an verbal health routine.

Though some of a work can be unpleasant for patients, Foust pronounced it’s still a labor of love.

“It was incredible. It was substantially one of my favorite summers,” Foust said. “I got to use a margin and a gifts that I’ve schooled in propagandize and we was means to learn girls how to purify their teeth and use tools.”

After graduation from a Blinn dental module in May, Foust will lapse to Africa to yield dental health caring to children in an institution in Bulembu, Swaziland. This time, she’ll be accompanied by 4 of her associate graduates and about

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Dental hygiene module forward of most

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Oct 25 2012

Youngstown State University is now a second university in a state to accept students into a four-year dental hygiene program.

Faculty members in a dental hygiene department, that is contained within a Bitonte College of Health and Human Services, began building a module in 2009. The Ohio Board of Regents authorized a module in 2011.

Since then, students have had a event to work by a program’s prerequisites. The initial organisation of students will be supposed within a subsequent few weeks.

Kellie Mills-Dobozi, an educational confidant for a Bitonte College, pronounced about 70 students are opposed for positions in a program.

“[They’re] unequivocally excited, though also unequivocally nervous,” Mills-Dobozi pronounced of students who see her for advising.

In spring, a initial collection of four-year dental hygiene students will start coursework in a bachelor’s grade track, and YSU will no longer offer a associate degree.

“I consider it’s unequivocally great,” pronounced Sarella Gustovich, a second-year dental hygiene

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Giving kids a smile

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Feb 04 2012

PEMBERTON TOWNSHIP — Tooth by tooth, children all over
Burlington County achieved a healthier grin Friday.

Parents were means to take advantage of a giveaway module called
“Give Kids a Smile,” that provides dental caring for needy children
under age 12.

More than 120 children were examined and had their teeth cleaned
at Burlington County College as a college’s dental hygiene
students and instructors tended to a full list of appointments
throughout a day.

The Parker Center was packaged with dental staff, former dental
students and volunteers who took a day off to offer the
preventive and puncture care.

“I adore being means to come behind and assistance out,” pronounced Jamie Lane,
a hygienist who graduated from a school’s module in May. “It’s
so rewarding to see a smiles on a kids’ faces after giving them
a cleaning or sealants. A lot of these kids, some are less
fortunate (and) haven’t seen a dentist before.”


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