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Willow Bend Dental Introduces and Welcomes Dr. Aaron S. Horsley-Teny to Their Plano Dental Practice

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Aug 23 2013

we start each procession with this suspicion – ‘That this studious has devoted me to yield caring to them, and we will do my really best to respect that trust.’

Plano, TX (PRWEB) Aug 23, 2013

Dr. Aaron S. Horsley-Teny was innate in Toronto, and changed to a state of New Hampshire as a child. After marrying his high propagandize swain in 1997, he and his mother changed to Nashville, where he attended Middle Tennessee State University. After completing his studies during MTSU, he changed behind to New Hampshire and matriculated into Tufts University of Dental Medicine.

After graduation from Tufts in 2005, Dr. Horsley-Teny started practicing general dentistry in

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Wayne, NJ Laser Gum Surgery from Dr. Laurence Breiterman Can Help Prevent Tooth and Bone Loss with Bone Stimulation …

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Aug 08 2013

Wayne, NJ (PRWEB) Aug 07, 2013

Dr. Laurence Breiterman of Advanced Dental Techniques has started treating patients with a Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP), a laser resin surgery that removes resin illness and prevents detriment of teeth and bone density. For patients who have already suffered from bone and tooth loss, Dr. Breiterman is a dentist in Wayne, NJ who can offer a right treatments to lessen destiny problems.

LANAP uses a FDA-cleared Periolase MVP-7 laser to mislay resin disease. While normal periodontal medicine involves slicing out resin hankie and

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Odessa Dentist on Dental Implants to Secure Dentures

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Mar 20 2013

ODESSA, TX–(Marketwire – Mar 19, 2013) – Dr. Robin Rutherford, a dentist in Midland and Odessa, was featured on a CBS news shred to plead a advantages of regulating dental implants to secure dentures and revoke bone loss. He says dental implants are an effective choice for attaching dentures since they impersonate a approach a tooth attaches itself. Dr. Rutherford adds that he strives to residence any concerns his patients might have and creates customized diagnosis skeleton for patients who have concerns about their existent dentures.

Dr. Rutherford says one of a primary concerns from his patients with dentures is that they do not stay in place. He adds that among a many advantages of regulating dental implants to secure dentures is that they can be placed absolutely on a resin so a studious does not knowledge any discomfort. In addition, he adds that regulating dental implants can

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Hillsborough Dentist on Advantages of Dental Implants Versus Bridges

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Mar 08 2013

HILLSBOROUGH, NJ–(Marketwire – Mar 7, 2013) – Dr. John Beckwith, a Hillsborough dentist, knows that some of a many innovative dental techniques of a past several years have occurred in a margin of physic dentistry and with dental implants in particular. At Cornerstone Dental, Dr. Beckwith considers dental implants and make replacement procedures a new customary of caring during his New Jersey practice.

According to Dr. Beckwith, when patients are blank many of their teeth, a use of dual dental implants helps keep removable dentures solidly in place. The advantages of these dental implants include:

Established Ridge-Split Procedure Offers New Application in Dental Implant Surgery

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Feb 19 2013

As dental implants have now turn common procedures, a ridge-split procession is anticipating renewed seductiveness as a pre-implant bone preparation method. The Feb 2013 emanate of a Journal of Oral Implantology presents a detailed description of a procedure.

Lawrence, KS (PRWEB) Feb 19, 2013

Journal of Oral Implantology – Dental techniques to cgange a alveolar ridge have been around for many years, mostly as a means of support for dentures. As dental implants have now turn common procedures, so has pre-implant credentials of a bone. The ridge-split procession is one such process of widening and augmenting a alveolar shallow that is anticipating renewed interest.

The Journal of Oral Implantology presents a minute outline of a alveolar ridge-split procedure, supplemented by photographs. The alveolar shallow is a bony ridge on both a top and reduce jaws that contains a sockets of

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Barr Family Dentistry Announces a Release of Their New Website

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Nov 20 2012

Dr. Robert Barr and his group during Barr Family Dentistry are vehement to announce a new launch of their new website: The crisp, complicated demeanour of these new pages reflects a prophesy Dr. Barr has for his cosmetic and laser dentistry use as a emergence of a new year approaches. The ever-changing margin of dentistry final a consistent courtesy of professionals such as Dr. Barr who are dedicated to staying during a forefront of advances in dental techniques and technologies. Since apropos usually a second dentist in a late 1980s to use lasers in dentistry, Dr. Barr has postulated his repute as a personality in a specialty. He trains doctors and hygienists around a universe on how to use lasers.

San Jose, CA (PRWEB) Nov 20, 2012

Dr. Robert Barr and his group during Barr Family Dentistry are vehement to announce

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Odessa Dentist on Using Porcelain Veneers for Tetracycline-Stained Teeth

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Oct 16 2012

ODESSA, TX–(Marketwire – Oct 16, 2012) – Many people competence not be wakeful that certain drugs can have a poignant impact on verbal health. Antibiotics such as tetracycline and doxycycline, as good as antihistamines like Benadryl have been famous to means teeth discoloration, quite for children whose teeth are still developing. There are a series of techniques accessible for expelling stains caused by medications. Dr. Robin Rutherford, an Odessa and Midland dentist, offers customized diagnosis skeleton during his use to scold stained teeth regulating porcelain dental veneers. He says he can simply facade imperfections and emanate unity within a teeth structure, assisting patients grasp optimal results.

Dr. Rutherford says that many of his patients have discolored teeth and wish to grasp a whiter smile. He adds that tetracycline has a inclination for dirty teeth with a dim brownish-red color, and these effects can turn some-more apparent if a

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Wayne, New Jersey Residents With Receding Gums Can Now Improve Their Smile Through Modern Gum Grafting during a Office …

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Jul 13 2012

Advanced Dental Techniques’ Dr. Laurence C. Breiterman helps patients who have decrease gums by a use of a gum graft procedure. When gums recede, they no longer strengthen a teeth from harmful bacteria that can means gum disease and bone deterioration. Patients receiving a gum grafting procession find that their grin looks improved and their teeth are improved protected.

Wayne, NJ (PRWEB) Jul 11, 2012

Laurence C. Breiterman, D.M.D., M.A.G.D., with Advanced Dental Techniques, treats patients who have receding gums with a gum grafting procedure. Gum retrogression is mostly caused by modernized periodontal disease. This illness affects millions of adult Americans and it mostly goes untreated. People whose gums have receded or those that feel their teeth simply demeanour incomparable than they like can have a resin grafting procession to lift the

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Jun 30 2012

SPRING LAKE, NJ–(Marketwire -06/29/12)-
In a news recover released Thursday, Jun 28, 2012 by Spring Lake Dental Care, we are suggested by a association that a title should review “New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Peter Ciampi Selected as ‘Top Dentist’ in NJ Monthly” rather than “New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Paul Ciampi Selected as ‘Top Dentist’ in NJ Monthly” as creatively issued. Complete corrected content follows.

New Jersey Cosmetic Dentist Dr. Peter Ciampi Selected as “Top Dentist” in NJ Monthly

SPRING LAKE, NJ — Jun 28, 2012 — New Jersey Monthly repository has recently named Dr. Peter Ciampi to a list of top dentists in New Jersey for 2012. The list comprises 323 dentists in 9 opposite specialties who have been nominated by their peers for this distinction. As a usually ubiquitous dentist in Southern Monmouth Co. to be selected, Dr. Ciampi says he is respected to earn

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Dr. Barry Ryan, President of West Coast University, Announces No-Cost Oral Cancer Detection Clinic on May 19th

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Apr 20 2012


West Coast University (WCU) currently announced skeleton to enhance on its
stream no-cost dental hygiene charity to a Orange County community
by adding an Oral Cancer Detection Clinic on May 19th.

The hospital is being offering during no assign to any studious who wishes to be
screened for verbal cancer—a lifesaving procession that is partial of any
peculiarity dental routine.

The procedures will be conducted by stream students in a WCU Bachelor
of Science Degree in Dental Hygiene module and underneath a organisation of

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