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Dr. Well’s of South Charlotte Dentistry Offers Oral Health Trends Report

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Feb 23 2014

2014 Oral Health Trends Report

Charlotte, NC (PRWEB) Feb 22, 2014

Dr. James Wells of South Charlotte Dentistry has been in a verbal health attention for 18 years. He has been a first-hand declare to a many trends and attitudes that have influenced both a dental veteran and patients in a past dual decades. In his 2014 Report on Oral Health Trends, Dr. Wells has some good news to share with a Charlotte community.

“The biggest change in dentistry has been a bid towards medicine care,” says Dr. James Wells. “When we initial began to use dentistry, extractions and formulating dentures for people were routine. It’s extraordinary how preparation and information can change individual’s lives and a contention itself.”

Dr. Wells believes that there are many factors that have caused people to keep their teeth for a longer duration of time.

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Agoura Dental is Offering In-House Premiere Discount Plan

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Jan 31 2014

AGOURA HILLS, Calif., Jan. 31, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — Agoura Hills dentist, Dr. Choroomi, and Agoura Dental are now charity an in-house premiere dental bonus devise that offers poignant discounts on essential dental caring but a pricey monthly premiums that mostly accompany word coverage. Just over half of Americans now have dental insurance. While dental word can be useful for offsetting a costs of vital procedures and foster a unchanging dental caring that can revoke a risk of dental disease, many patients onslaught to compensate a monthly premiums for a process that might usually be used occasionally. Dr. Choroomi, consultant in porcelain veneers in Agoura Hills, is committed to providing affordable diagnosis options for a community.

About Dr. Amir Choroomi, Cosmetic Dentist Agoura Hills

A connoisseur of UOP Dental School in San Francisco, Dr. Choroomi, Agoura Hills dental

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Bronx Dental Implant Patients Benefit From Latest Technology in Dental Imaging

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Sep 23 2013

BRONX, NY–(Marketwired – Sep 23, 2013) – Dr. Victor Oelbaum, a cosmetic dentist and executive of Dr. Victor Oelbaum Associates in a Bronx, believes an ongoing joining to utilizing a latest advances in dental record is essential to studious care. This truth extends to a altogether formulation and origination of dental implants for his patients by regulating Gendex®’s GXDP-700 Cone Beam X-Ray System. This innovative record allows Dr. Oelbaum and his make dentistry group to emanate a meticulously accurate map of a patient’s mouth. Dr. Oelbaum says a Cone Beam complement offers some-more correctness and pointing than many other technologies that came before it, and helps to yield patients with a many comfortable, natural-looking results.

Dental implants, that are designed to offer a permanent choice to treatments such as full or prejudiced dentures, reinstate blank teeth but any additional daily upkeep over normal brushing and flossing.

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Arthur Bruce Dental Now Offering Oral Sedation Dentistry

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Aug 29 2013

Pendleton, SC (PRWEB) Aug 28, 2013

Arthur Bruce Dental is gratified to announce that they are now charity verbal sedation dentistry. Oral sedation dentistry is a comparatively new choice that helps patients feel reduction concerned about dental procedures.

Oral sedation dentistry involves a studious holding a remedy medication, like Halcion, a night before and a morning of a procedure. Halcion is ordinarily used for verbal sedation dentistry and creates a studious drowsy. Some patients tumble defunct during a procession and don’t remember most about a procession afterwards.

During a procedure, a patient’s heart rate and blood vigour are delicately monitored to safeguard a studious is responding scrupulously to a diagnosis and there are no issues. Due to a side-effects of a medication, patients contingency have a motorist to move them to appointment and to expostulate them home.


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Dr. Paulo Viana Announces New Dental Education Website

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Aug 25 2013

LONDON, Ontario, Aug. 25, 2013 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Dr. Paulo Viana, a London, Ontario dentist, announced that his use has launched a studious preparation website. The website is designed to make it easier for people to learn about verbal health care. Free studious information ranges from a basis of at-home care, such as correct brushing and flossing techniques, to modernized dental caring procedures, such as cosmetic and make dentistry. Dr. Viana’s use provides extensive family dentistry.

Dr. Paulo Viana’s recently launched website,, is assisting to change a approach that people learn about verbal health care. Dr. Viana’s website facilities a blog, studious preparation center, grin gallery and ubiquitous information on London dentists. “Our new website is a healthy element to a practice’s mission: educating patients about a basis of verbal health care,” pronounced Dr. Viana. “Individuals can now learn about a accumulation of

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At West Hills Smiles, "Gentle" and "Dental" Really Do Rhyme

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Aug 06 2013

WEST HILLS, Calif., Aug. 5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — Dr. Pasha Hakimzadeh and Dr. Ben Reyhani of West Hills Smiles are on a mission. As a place for an superb general, reconstructive and cosmetic dentist in Woodland Hills-adjacent West Hills hospital is famous via a larger Los Angeles area for a superb peculiarity of their work in their concierge-style bureau and a pliability of their approach. It’s also widely famous as a place to get restorative dentistry or a grin makeover that won’t leave we sullen with discomfort.

Both Dr. Hakimzadeh and Dr. Reyhani know that surveys uncover that as many as 75% of a United States open admits to carrying some fear of dentists, with a smaller series who seem to have an unmitigated dental phobia. They are out to change all of that with a multiple of a accessible opinion and the

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Dr. Mariana Conant, Dental Implant Dentist in Fairfield, CT Introduces New Procedure to Give Patients Permanent …

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Jul 23 2013
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Dr. Mariana Conant Dentist during Family Cosmetic Dentistry of Fairfield, Fairfield CT

Dr. Conant of Family and Cosmetic Dentistry of Fairfield is a locally authorized dentist. She is committed to providing a latest in dental record for a far-reaching operation of ubiquitous and cosmetic dental services during her practice.

Fairfield, CT (PRWEB) Jul 22, 2013

Dr. Mariana Conant, a cosmetic dentist during Family Cosmetic Dentistry of Fairfield recently introduced dental implants as an effective choice to give patients permanent, healthy smiles. Those who suffer

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Louisville Dentist in Louisville, KY, Dr. Scott Barnett of Stony Brook Dental Receives Top Reviews for Technology That …

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Jul 01 2013
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His technical believe and skills are unsurpassed. He takes an unifying approach, bringing to bear any modernized record that can assistance with a sum picture.

Loiusville, KY (PRWEB) Jun 30, 2013

An estimated 75 of adults in a U.S. have some grade of fear about visiting a dentist, especially due to their fear of pain. Louisville dentist in Louisville, KY, Dr. Scott Barnett, has recently perceived tip reviews for his use of a latest record in dental procedures to provide cavities in further to treating

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Arthur Bruce Dental Now Offers Mini Dental Implant Procedures

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Jun 26 2013
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Pendleton, SC (PRWEB) Jun 25, 2013

Dr. Arthur Bruce of Arthur L. Bruce, DMD Associates, is now behaving a Mini Dental Implant procession to reinstate blank teeth or stabilise dentures.

Like unchanging dental implants, mini implants are done of steel alloys that are good tolerated by a body. Mini implants are some-more slim than those of unchanging dental implants and are used to stabilise a removable denture or proxy tooth replacement. The bottom of a denture rests kindly on a slim implants and on a gums. In some cases, mini implants might be used to support a climax or a bound bridge.

Mini dental implants cost significantly reduction than unchanging implants. Because mini implants are small, they might be suitable for patients but adequate jaw bone density

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Dr. Marina Rubinshtein Hosts “Be Your Own Boss” for NYU Dental Students on Sunday Apr 14

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Apr 12 2013

NYU Dental alumnus, that is a partial of NYU Dental College, offers debate of Bensonhurst Dental Care, a heading cosmetic and physic dental practice.

Brooklyn, New York (PRWEB) Apr 12, 2013

On Sunday, Apr 14 during 3:00 p.m., Dr. Marina Rubinshtein will be hosting a display entitled “Be Your Own Boss” for students during a New York University College of Dentistry. The eventuality includes giveaway brunch and a debate of Dr. Rubinshtein’s cosmetic and physic dental use during Bensonhurst Dental Care. The eventuality is sponsored by a NYU Dental MBM (Marketing and Business Management) Organization, Women of Color in Dentistry, and a Society of Women in Dentistry.

Dr. Rubinshtein is an alumnus of a NYU College of Dentistry as good as Omicron Kappa Upsilon (the National Dental Honor Society), and is one of a inaugural cosmetic dentists in a tri-state

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