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Lubbock Cosmetic Dentist Jason P. White Now Offering Sheer White and Realine

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Feb 05 2014

Lubbock, TX (PRWEB) Feb 03, 2014

Lubbock cosmetic dentist Jason P. White has announced that his use now offers Sheer White!® teeth whitening strips and Realine transparent orthodontic aligners. These dual products paint a initial new offerings of 2014 for a renouned dental practice.

In Sheer White!®, Dr. White is assured that he has found a professional-grade whitening frame estimable of station alongside a Zoom!® System in his preference of teeth whitening options.

“They are like Crest® Whitening Strips, though better!” Dr. White says. “They are some-more absolute in fighting stains though gentler on a teeth and gums. we was acid for a product that would give my patients a quick, easy take-home whitening knowledge that unequivocally works, and Sheer White!® fits a check perfectly.”

Sheer White!® strips are graphic from opposition strips in that their use

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Reality bites in story of dual teeth

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Aug 25 2013

Therese Stevenson with her sone, James, 2.
Source: News Limited

THEY are dual darling toddlers, both with pleasing new teeth, though by trait of their home address, one will be distant improved off than a other in a prolonged run.

Celeste Eddington, from Byron Bay, is roughly 3 times some-more expected to be hospitalised due to critical dental spoil compared to her reflection James Stevenson, who is flourishing adult in Sydney’s eastern suburbs, with fluoridated water.

Byron Bay is one of a 3 northern NSW regions in a Richmond Valley but fluoride in a water.

Health experts behind fluoride opposite NSW

NSW Health annals uncover that by age six, children in a North Coast Area Health Service

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Paducah, KY Gum Disease Treatment Can Now Help Prevent Tooth Loss Using Laser Gum Surgery with Dr. Kelvin White of …

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Aug 09 2013

Paducah, KY (PRWEB) Aug 08, 2013

Dr. Kelvin White of White and White Family Dentistry now offers patients a some-more effective approach to fight periodontal illness and boost a odds of saving teeth that are during risk of descending out due to resin disease. Tooth loss ordinarily occurs when determined or untreated resin illness is present. The FDA gave clearway for a use of a new resin illness diagnosis called a Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP) that delivers improved formula in reduction time than normal methods.

LANAP works good to not usually treat

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Southlake, Texas Cosmetic Dentist Offers Dental Implant Restorations for Patients with Missing Teeth

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Jul 08 2013
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Implant dentist, sedation dentistry Southlake, Texas

Dr. David White

Tooth detriment can change your peculiarity of life. The elementary things, such as chewing, vocalization and carrying a scold bite, we take for granted. The All-on-Four implants truly give we a duty and demeanour of healthy teeth.

Southlake, Texas (PRWEB) Jul 08, 2013

Huckabee Dental in Southlake, Texas now offers All-On-Four dental implants for patients seeking replacement to their mouth since of blank teeth. While there are many options for a healthy looking full mouth restoration,

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Antioch Dentist Encourages Professional Teeth Whitening Services to Ensure Whiter Teeth, Healthier Smiles

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Aug 19 2012

ANTIOCH, Tenn., Aug. 19, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Center for Dental Health in Antioch, TN recommends that dental patients select veteran teeth whitening services to mislay tough stains. According to dentist Dr. Jason White, veteran services can mislay coffee, booze and tobacco stains from teeth. In-office whitening is also stronger than at-home splotch kits, delivering a grin that is several shades brighter. In further to veteran teeth whitening, Dr. White provides extensive cosmetic dentistry services, including crowns and caps.

Individuals who would like a brighter grin should cruise veteran teeth whitening. That’s a summary that dentist Dr. Jason White is pity with Antioch dental patients.

“In-office whitening delivers higher formula compared with at-home whitening kits,” pronounced Dr. White. “Many of the patients need quick formula before a marriage or other vital event. A singular in-office whitening event can broach these results. In comparison, at-home whitening kits are not

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The Center for Dental Health Announces New Online Oral Health Resource for Antioch Patients

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Apr 16 2012

ANTIOCH, TN–(Marketwire -04/15/12)- The Center for Dental Health in Antioch, TN announced that a use has launched a new website to assistance teach patients about verbal health care. The Antioch dentist offers extensive dental services, including teeth whitening, cosmetic dentistry, verbal surgery, dentures and veneers. The new website,, facilities tips for at-home dental care, 3D dental videos, a blog and “Patient Education” library. Individuals might also pointer adult for a practice’s bi-weekly e-newsletter, that includes information on a latest dental procession and tips for gripping teeth and gums healthy.

Antioch dentist Dr. Jason White is creation it easier for Tennessee residents to suffer a bright, healthy smile. Dr. White has launched a new website for patients to learn some-more about dental caring as good as a practice. “Everyone wants a healthy grin and pearly whites,” pronounced Dr. White. “Many adults, however, don’t comprehend that the

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Glenpool Dentist Aims to Edify Tulsa County Communities around Web Technology

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Dec 06 2011

In a universe apropos increasingly contingent on record to allege education, Dr. Scott White has introduced an interactive website directed during informing patients and a community.

Glenpool, OK (PRWEB) Dec 06, 2011

Family and cosmetic dentist, W. Scott White, DDS, has announced a launch of a new, patient-focused website combined by dental website design leader, ProSites, Inc. Dr. White’s use is utilizing a website to teach a village on several dental procedures as good as a significance of verbal hygiene. The website contains several ominous dental resources including mixed links about common family dentistry issues.

“Many of a patients are impressed by a resources of information accessible on a Internet and last that resources are reputable. My idea was to rise a apparatus for a patients and a village to find a information they need to make informed

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