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John Niyo: A long, prolonged (did we discuss long?), bizarre night for Tigers

Root Canal | Posted by admin
Jun 17 2011

John Niyo

Detroit — Jim Leyland was asked about representation clocks a other day, as a contention about probable realignment in Major League Baseball veered into a review about other things, as it mostly does with a Tigers manager.

And not surprisingly, this is one box where Leyland doesn’t most caring what some of us in a media think.

“You shouldn’t have to worry about things like how mostly we chuck over to first,” he said. “You’re ostensible to do what we have to do to win, no matter how prolonged it takes. If you’re sitting adult in a press box meditative that a diversion is too long, we shouldn’t be here.”

So I’ll admit, we substantially shouldn’t have been here Wednesday night for a Tigers’ 6-4 detriment to a Indians before an

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