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P&G Files Infringement Lawsuit Against Team Technologies, Inc.

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Jul 20 2012


The Procter Gamble Company (PG) has filed a lawsuit today
opposite Team Technologies, Inc., a private-label manufacturer and
distributor of tooth whitening products. The lawsuit alleges that Team
Technologies is violating PG’s egghead skill by manufacturing
and offered a private tag “Oral Care Whitening Dental Strips” and
“Ultra Whitening Strips” products. The unapproved use of patented
record is taboo by law. PG is suing Team Technologies in order
to strengthen a investment in a record and a Crest Whitestrips

PG revolutionized the

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Heraeus to Sponsor Four Seminars during Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting 2012

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Jan 11 2012

SOUTH BEND, Ind. , Jan. 10, 2012 /PRNewswire/ — Heraeus Kulzer, LLC, a worldwide personality in dental esthetics, announced currently that it will unite 4 seminars during a Chicago Dental Society Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, Illinois .

The 4 seminars:

A Class IV Workshop: Great Cosmetic Results With Nanotechnology Composite
Thursday, Feb 23, 2012 , 9:00 am – noon .
Speakers: Frank Milnar , DDS and Shannon Pace-Brinker , CDA

This seminar provides poignant hands-on knowledge with an modernized and softened nanotechnology physic system. The Venus Diamond complement addresses a organic mandate of a many perfectionist posterior restorations and delivers a beauty and durability polish-ability compulsory for maiden restorations.

Course objectives:

Planning a Fall Getaway? Don’t Forget to Pack Your Best Smile.

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Dec 01 2011

New York, NY, Dec. 1, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — There’s no improved approach to applaud a beauty of tumble than with a gorgeous smile. If we wish to wow your friends and family this season, cruise formulation a revisit to Lana Rozenberg, D.D.S.Leading New York dentistDr. Lana Rozenberg, who offers a far-reaching operation of cosmetic dental procedures designed to scold many dental concerns, including porcelain veneers, Invisalign(R), Gumoflage, and a Rejuvenating Smile Lift. One of a fastest ways to dramatically urge a coming of your grin is with ZOOM!(R) Teeth Whitening. During only one hour-long session, Dr. Rozenberg can whiten your teeth adult to 8 shades, all while we absolutely watch radio in her state-of-the-art dental practice. With correct caring and maintenance, your teeth will always be whiter than they were before a treatment.

If a imminent holiday deteriorate has we feeling

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Secret of Kate’s grin revealed?

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Nov 27 2011

KATE Middleton’s gorgeous grin is pleasantness of a pioneering French dentist who
specialises in creation teeth demeanour NOT-too-perfect, it has been claimed.

Maverick Didier Fillion uses a complement of “micro-rotations” and gentle
whitening to make gnashers demeanour spectacular.

And currently his crony and associate dentist, Bernard Touati has claimed that the
Duchess Of Cambridge has used his services.

In an talk in The Times Touati discussed a royal’s teeth, saying: “You
know because they demeanour good? Because they are not positively aligned.

“The problem in a United States is they have a really synthetic vision
symmetrical, same colour, monochromatic. That’s because their teeth look

“He [Fillion] did some small micro-rotations on Kate Middleton [to produce]
something that is natural. That is what we like: a natural, healthy smile,
but not artificial.”

Micro-rotation involves wise invisible braces to a behind of teeth to twist
them really somewhat until a preferred demeanour is achieved.

David Winkler,

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French dental colonize combined ‘naturally perfect’ grin for Kate Middleton, it is claimed

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Nov 26 2011

The outcome is achieved by regulating braces to change subtly a fixing of the
teeth while still maintaining their healthy figure or by formulating a illusion
of teenager rotations by harsh and polishing a finish aspect or adding
porcelain veneers or chips to a teeth.

According to David Winkler, of a British Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry, the
pretence is to grasp what he calls “harmonious asymmetry”.

Dr Fillion says: “Teeth that demeanour like piano keys are not good, so we try to
give behind some details, maybe a space we don’t close, or a shorter incisor.
Tom Cruise? Too ideal for me. After my diagnosis many of my patients do
not need veneers.”

Dr Fillion’s speciality is to insert invisible braces to a behind of his
patients’ teeth. He can uncover his patients what a final result

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